Morning Meanderings… The Last World Book Day Book

Good morning! 

It’s Friday!  *insert dance here*

In the office I work in, downstairs there is a business called Shining Light Studio.  Greg Rosenberg works with stained glass and if you check out the link to his site, you will see that amazing things he creates. 

A few weeks ago he and I were discussing the Hunger Games Movie.  Greg wanted to know what the movie was about having heard a few rumbles about it and I of course, was all too ready and eager to gush about The Hunger Games.

Flash forward to World Book Day and my book I was handing out was indeed Hunger Games.  I was thrilled of course to give out this great read but knew I wanted to get one in Greg’s hands and get him reading this book…

I had a request though…. 😀

This week, I finally had time to connect with Greg again and brought him the book.  My request had been that he wear the mask that he does when he is working with the glass and chemicals because for some reason I find that to be very, “Hunger Gamesish”

He obliged. 

Thanks Greg!  Enjoy the book!


As for today – I am actually going garage sailing.  I know… freaks me out a bit too!  I have not gone in over a year, but a friend has been gushing about her finds lately and this used to be something I loved to do so thought I would hit a few this morning.  😀

I will be back here later to put up my book review and work on a couple of things for tomorrow.  😀


9 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The Last World Book Day Book

  1. It’s fun to grab those unique photos….

    Garage sales can be fun, but I have to avoid them, since I already have too much stuff! Hey, you could come to my garage…lol

  2. How wonderful you were able to give a copy to someone you already knew and who you knew was interested! Incidentally his work is beautiful.

    1. I used to garage sale all the time for books but since this whole reviewing thing started I back ed away from that as I have PLENTY of books… but alas, if I did not come home with 7 more today. 😀

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