Morning Meanderings… Mother’s Day Wishes

Good morning!  Barreling towards the end of the week already!  WOW!  Today is my last day of work for the week and it is going to be a fun one.  Myself, and two co workers are going out to lunch for a late Administration Week celebration, then a little shopping.

Later tonight, I have a dinner/birthday gathering for a friend I used to work with.  😀

Then – this coming Sunday is already Mother’s Day.  Normally we just go out to lunch and maybe a few starter plants for the yard… but this year I have my eye on something…

I already have this and love it:

(If you are an audio lover, I highly recommend this – I use my credit every month AND they often have some great sales for members with $4.95 titles…. I really load up them 😀 )

For me though…. I seen something when I was in the Cities last week at Fleet Farm that caught my eye.  I stopped at out local Fleet Farm last night to see if we had it too…. and

we do:

It is up on a display stand, so I am hoping you (and my hubby) can see it well.  But once I seen it….. OOH!  I am thinking new reading area on the deck?  😛  I don’t know if it “Will Be Mine”… but a girl can always dream  😀

Anything you are planning on doing or hoping you will be getting for Mother’s Day?  Guy’s who read this, are you thinking about mom’s, wives, or even sisters with kids? 

Later today my review is going up for Still Alice, the one I just read with the Bookies.  This was an exciting review to write!

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Mother’s Day Wishes

  1. That’s really neat!! My daughter and I plan on doing the Mother’s Day 5K again this year! Then my son and dil are taking me and the other mom out to lunch. After that…I have no idea.

  2. Audible keeps giving me $10 credits. Its awesome!

    I got my mom an extender handle for her Clairsonic for Mother’s Day. We probably will end up going to see Avengers sometime. If my schedule continues as it is, probably during the week sometime, instead of busy weekends.

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