The Most Dangerous Thing by Laura Lippman

They were the best of friends.  Gwen, Mickey (both girls) , Tim Jr, Sean, and Gordon (Go-Go), the latter three being brothers.  They were then in their childhood, always together, always in the woods exploring and pushing the boundaries or their surroundings summer after summer.  Until that one summer when tragedy strikes, a secret is kept, and the five are never quite the same, nor their friendship quite the same… ever again.

Fast forward 30 years and tragedy has struck again.  This time it is with Go-Go, the youngest of the five, has died in what is still undecided… accident or suicide.  After all, Go-Go carried with him, perhaps the deepest secret of them all. 

The remaining four come together for the first time in many years, looking for answers, and wondering if that fateful day all those summers ago is not the answer to what haunts them still today.

Laura Lippman has written many amazing books. Of these.. I have read only three. I need to get going 😉

As anything that has the name Laura Lippman on it, I was excited to jump into this read.  The synopsis… friends from childhood go through something BIG together, are bound to a secret and as with all of us, adulthood happens… we move on, we move apart… and those bounds that were once so tight, are now merely spider web strong.  I do love books about friendships….

The Most Dangerous Thing is spilled out onto pages with multiple narrations, each of the five have an opportunity to tell a portion of the story.  I personally enjoy multiple narration when it is done well, chapters changing narrator, you get to see different sides unfold. Lippman does a pretty good job of not confusing me in the “who is telling the story now?”  I believe this is the first time I have read a book with this many narrators though. 

So hmmm…. where do I begin?

I have said in the past that I prefer books with fewer characters and I think that is because I really like to get to know a character.  In this read while the main five were doable, there are also the parents who are brought into the conversations and while that was done well, for me… it was a lot of voices in my head.  I think perhaps that is what leaves me with a “hmmmmmm” feeling.  I did not feel strongly for any one of them, while an interesting story – it branched out so much and switched narration to the point I never fully sunk into this read, and ooh, I do like to sink into a read. 

Overall I think Lippman’s writing is something to experience, however if you are new to her books I would not start with this one, she does have more engaging reads. The Most Dangerous Thing is a book that was interesting and held my attention, but was not a “WOW” for me. 

Her main character from her detective series, Tess Monaghan makes an appearance in this book and I thought that was kind of fun.  I like it when authors do that.

Thank you to TLC book Tours

for the opportunity to read and review this book

22 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Thing by Laura Lippman

  1. I didn’t care for this one at all, it’s actually only the 2nd review book I couldn’t finish. I had the connection problem with the characters too, so I’m glad I wasn’t alone on that.

  2. Would you recommend a particular title to start with? I think I’ve read one Laura Lippman novel but it was so long ago I can’t remember the title. As we have somewhat similar tastes in books, I do hope you could recommend a favourite.

  3. I see your book club is reading Still Alice. I really enjoyed this one by Lisa Genova and recently picked up her other book, Left Neglected, which I am excited to read. I look forward to seeing what the Bookies think of this one!

    By the way, after reading your review for the BookClub Cookbook, I had to get a copy too! So many great ideas! Thanks.

  4. I am just starting it (I know… procrastinator) for our review on Tuesday. 😀

    Oh and sweet! I am so excited you are picking up the Book Club Cook Book…. I seriously am addicted to it… I wish I had time to read them all and do the recipes! LOL

  5. I listened to the audio this one and thought it was pretty good. Even though there were a lot of characters, the narrator did a good job. It was my first Laura Lippman book so I can’t compare to her other ones.

  6. I also did not connect with the characters in this one, definitely not my favorite Lippman novel. I agree with you that there were just too many narrators and not enough for me to grasp onto and love.

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