Morning Meanderings… Sunday Salon


Wow.  Sunday again.  Already!  My past week was a crazy busy one…


And now here I am on Sunday already.  I was supposed to go on a bike ride today around Mile Lacs lake with one of my bike teams and I am bowing out.  😦  Mainly because there was something I was hoping to get done last night and not have to do today but that did not happen. 

The ride today would bring me home late afternoon and I just have too much to do to escape for the day.  I am bummed… but there will be other rides. 

I did get a few books in the mail:


With the first week of May sneaking up on us here I will have some reading to do this upcoming week for a book tour and for my book club! 

What are your plans for this Sunday?

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  1. I see some interesting books in your pile that I will have to check out. My plans for today? Cleaning my house (exciting right? lol) and then start packing for vacation (that’s exciting but not exciting for packing, matter of fact I have been procrastinating on that chore since I either take too much or worry that I will forget something)
    Have a great week!!

    • I wanted to link the books and do all that great stuff Cheryl and then… I didnt. In a bit of a morning funk. Hope it shakes off 🙂

      OOH vacation…. I want to know more!

  2. My big plan for today is to eat waffles and go shopping for jeans. I can see how those might conflict but- oh well! 🙂

  3. I hope you enjoy The Chaperone as much as I did. I see some very tempting books on your stacks…hmm.

    As for today, my grandson Noah is still here after sleeping over and spending part of yesterday with me.

    His mom is moving house today and knew he would be bored.

    I got up early today to post MY SUNDAY SALON POST

    • I am looking forward to that one Laurel… actually I am just looking forward to an afternoon of reading – life has been a bit INTENSE lately. 🙂

  4. Objects of My Affection is on my wish list. I hope you get all you need to accomplished today, Sheila. Have a nice Sunday.

    • I think I will Mary, life gets a bit crazy again this week and the first bike ride of the season on Saturday coming up so today… I need to chill 😀

  5. I’m going to be eating with a group of people who are homeless and staying the week at our church. I’m preparing homemade rolls and fresh green beans and my d-i-l made cupcakes. It should be fun.

    Here’s my
    Sunday Salon.
    I hope you will stop by!

    • IHN! Is that what you call it too? Interfaith Hospitality Network? I do that too, but we just served a couple weeks ago – I am back on the third week of July.

  6. HI first time on….enjoying all the posts….have you heard or read a book called ROOM?… I believe the author is Emma Donoghue.heard it was good…..also any suggestions on books about the AMISH?….love all of those books as well…thanks …. MARG & my 3 kittens

  7. I’m out of town (at the ocean) writing until Tuesday. But I plan to take a break this afternoon and go for a nature/scenery ride in a boat. Nice assortment of books, Sheila! Have a great Sunday.

  8. That’s too bad you had to miss out on your ride! I’m working on a book club book right now too. I’ve been a bit of a reading glutton lately – I’ve got about ten books I’m reading from at once right now. The problem is how to find time to finish them all.

  9. April flew by didn’t it. I hope to escape sometime today to my son’s house. Going through baby withdrawal, lol. It has been 2 days!! C-U tomorrow!!

  10. It’s 8.45pm in the evening here so my Sunday is pretty much over. I’ve done what I planned to go: get through quite a bit of Dead Scared by S. J. Bolton, make some marshmallows and review Marshmallow Madness by Shauna Sever (done and posted along with a giveaway of the book!).

    I hope you’re having a good day 🙂

  11. Yikes! May is almost here! Where the heck did April go? My plans for the day include lunch with an old friend (we had a blast!) and trying to catch up with reviews. Scheduling posts in advance is a lifesaver, but still have to find time to read as well. Need more hours in a day!

    Happy Sunday Sheila!

    • I know… this year is moving so fast! I am hoping to write a couple more reviews tonight so that this week will not feel stressful 🙂

  12. What a good-looking stack! I know what you mean about being stuck doing something since you didn’t get it done sooner. The other day when I was on my bike I was thinking about you and your rides. How long have you been riding? I’ve started back about eight months ago but stopped when life got busy. Now I’m back on it but I get tired too easily. 😦 Any tips to keep me going?

  13. It’s been a busy Sunday – church and then a party at a friend’s house – only got home around four. Hoping to get at least a bit of reading in before it’s time to jump into another week! Have a great Monday, Sheila. 🙂

  14. I had a super busy day today, clocking the walks/runs today for a mileage challenge I’m participating in (1 mile dog walk, who knew I walk over 1.5 miles at the mall!, and a 5 mile run). We are starting to prep the deck for summer.

    oh.. you will love this. Our neighbors put their flowers and garden in two weeks ago and they seemed shocked when I said ‘never plant flowers until Mother’s Day weekend. Your usually frost free at that point’. They thought I was crazy… well we had 28 a few days ago. 🙂

    • Wow about your neighbors…. yes, we were actually predicted to have snow today – we didn’t but the weather has been funky and it would not have surprised me. 😀
      Your running is inspiring, I should really try to get into that….

  15. The only author I recognize in your pile is Alex Kava, but new authors are always fun to try out. Sometimes they just blow you away!

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