Morning Meanderings… What Is Keeping Me Up At Night

Good morning!  😀  I feel like I should just splash the coffee directly on to my face and go on from there 😀

The last two days have been run from one thing to the next and today looks like it could be more of the same…College son came home yesterday for one day and has to go back to Mankato today and his car broke down last night.  Not sure what is going on there yet, but it may involve me driving him the 3 hours+ back to Mankato today after work, and of course for you math whizzes out there, 3+ hours back to Brainerd.  😀

Hello audio books! 

One of my favorite things to do in the evening after the house is quiet and my work for the day is done is to either read, or catch up on the blogs I love, and lately even a little bit of Twitter.  A couple of nights ago I was swept into a Twitter conversation late that I will not go into, but lets just say it had me clicking through posts one to another like a kid all hopped up on sugar.   I kept reading posts and comments and one post led to another and my gosh…. eventually I had to step away from the computer because it was after midnight and I had accomplished nothing but a little heart ache. 

And then last night… after all was quiet in the house and my work was done….

I did it again.  😯

I feel like their should be a support group for people like me, or at least a hotline.

Sorry I am being vague here… but really, enough has already been said.

Today looks to be a gorgeous day here in Brainerd.  Of course, because my day is busy.. the outdoors will taunt me with sun and smells of spring.  Can anyone else smell spring?  It is the light scent of lilacs in the air, a flash back of crisp sheets on the line, and visions of summers past.

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  1. I know how one can get lost in one of the social networks, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Yes, now I’ve joined that site!

    But I’m trying to step away…lol

    Hope you have a better day today….

  2. I think I know what you are referring to…it sort of keeps popping up…and it is sad…and scary, too…have a great day…

  3. Or rather have a better day today…drive carefully!!!

  4. Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I hope things improve any way. I just filed a post today that included some complaints about small town gossip and it seems like Twitter can bring people from around the country into their very own small town gossip ring.

  5. It can get overwhelming. I find myself sitting down “just for a minute” to check email and before I know it I’ve blown almost two hours of precious reading time fiddling around on the internet 😉

    Enjoy your audiobooks and have a safe ride.

  6. Okay, it’s totally lame of me that I want to know what all the hubbub was about on Twitter. Even when I’m on there I seem to miss all of the drama somehow. 🙂

    I hope you have a safe and fun drive if you do have to go all that way!

  7. I know what you’re talking about and it’s very upsetting.

  8. Twitter sucked me in last night too, and suddenly it was midnight! That’s why I try to stay off Twitter, as time moves differently there! 😉

    It’s a very sad time in the book blogging world right now, and I’m hoping we can move on soon…

    Drive safe if you have to chauffeur your son!

  9. I am so curious now about your Twitter conversations! I started twittering-tweeting-tweet tweet? in December when I was on Christmas vacation from school, but could not keep up when school started. It overwhelms me when I get on-I guess I need to get some kind of system or something!

    Just wanted to tell you ONCE AGAIN that I love your blog and honest book recommendations!


    • HI Shannon, no twitter conversation that I was involved in 🙂 Just viewed.

      I like Twitter for sharing books reviews – I am automatically linked where my review posts go directly there and I like touching base with other bloggers 🙂

  10. I’ve been spending too much time on Twitter lately, too. I have a non-blogging, editing type of volunteer project I’m supposed to be working on, and I keep stopping and saying to myself, “I’ll just check in on Twitter for a minute.”

    • I went away from it for a while Laurie, I just couldn’t keep up with it… just the past few weeks (I think starting with the readathon, did I get back into opening in up while I am writing reviews… 😀

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