Morning Meanderings… Pottermore… or less


Good morning!

I wasnt sure I was going to post this morning… I really had nothing to say (SHOCKER!) 😯 and I have a post going us in a bit any way about World Book Night.

However I was checking out a few of my fav blogs this morning while having my COFFEE and trying (trying!) to eat half a grapefruit because I seen on a Gilmore Girls episode it is good for me.  😀

ANYWAY while doing that I seen a couple mentions that Pottermore has gone public.  I was part of the Beta testing early entrants and had checked it out a few months back and found it interesting, informative… but within about four days I had done all you could do with it at that point and I left it.

Seeing Alyce this morning talk about her experience so far, and Amy as well, I popped back in to see if after all the feedback and testing what they may have changed. 

From my little bit of dabbling I did not see any changes from the testing period.  In fact I had ended where it stopped with book one months back and see that it still goes no further.  My favorite part of Pottermore is the fun facts you get to see with J K Rowling, how she came up with names for the characters, why she chose the Dursleys house number, etc… if you want to get your Potter geek on, you can certainly do that.  😀

I will probably check it out more now that I am knowing a few people playing.  To friend me I am Snitchrook100. 


Off to work, maybe a bike ride… and that is my major commitments today – I am loving this week of no evening commitments.  I feel refreshed, de-stressed and all out giddy. 😀


If you are on Pottermore let me know your name so I can friend you!  😀


30 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Pottermore… or less

    1. LOL… not sure, I tried to find a video on YouTube this morning for the post but I guess it wasn’t that big of a Gilmore moment…. it was when Laurelie’s dad comes to town and tries to get her to eat more healthy and she tries to get Luke to go and buy a grapefruit to serve to her dad at the diner. 😀

  1. You don’t like grapefruit? I love it; in fact, I used to love eating it like an orange, but usually just had a half with sugar. Now I can’t buy them because grapefruit interferes with our medications. Oh, I think I would kill for a grapefruit about now!

  2. Hmm…might join, might not….though in either case I LOVE the entire HP series. ^_^ Good to hear a bit about what was behind the mystery all those months. Ooh…Gilmore Girls! Love that show…and now I have a jones to watch my DVD set once again.

  3. I was part of the Beta testing as well. It could be that I have a terrible memory, but at first when I went on after it went public, I thought it was all the same. However, when my brother got started I thought maybe there were a few very small things different (or at least I thought there were and maybe I’m just going crazy). Plus they finally got sound up and I think that was the most important thing (to me anyway).

  4. I just signed up for Pottermore yesterday (I’m RoseCharm19256) and I played with it for about an hour. Agreed that the JK Rowling fun facts are a treat for the fans, but I haven’t gotten to explore too much yet. Haven’t been able to master spells – those are tricky.

  5. I’m not anything Potter, but it sounds like fun for those who are.

    I’ve heard lots of people say that eating salt on grapefruit is better than eating it with sugar. I don’t know for sure, I can’t eat grapefruit.

  6. my dad eats salt on his watermelon 😉

    I’ve filled out my stuff but haven’t checked my email yet…. I’m FlameWizard5094, will look for you

  7. I am AccioHex31698

    I like the tips on the chapters, and just the amazing flash site design. I don’t like the potions (you do what it says and still says it is wrong), and it took a bit to catch onto spells, but I’ve not challenged anyone yet.

  8. Yes, all of the extra information is definitely the best. I know that I’ll be there the first day each time a new book is opened because I am such a huge fan of Harry Potter. I do think the site could be so much more though.

    1. Do they have a schedule when the next book releases Alyce? That would be cool!

      I really thought they would do more with all the hype they have given this… I thought it would be more interactive.

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