Morning Meanderings…Huh? What?


Morning.  *BIG sip of COFFEE*

How ya’ all doing?

Do you ever have those days where you wake up super early … like hmmmm…. 4:00 am and feel good?  Real good because you do not feel tired but actually like you could start your day?

AND then you go back to bed because 4 am is just silly and you can top it off with an hour of sleep and then wake up at 7:00?

7:00????  And you work at 8:00!

Hate that.

Now I am having my coffee, missing my relax time of the am…. one eye on my post… one eye on the clock wondering how close I can push it until I jump in the shower… and


Any hoo…. in bookish news On audio I am with Detective Harry searching out yet another victims home and yes, there is a snow man.  Who does that???  (The Snowman by Jo Nesbo)

In other audio I am hanging out with Michael Zarkade as he juggles career and kids while Jolene has been called to active duty for a year in Iraq.  As if the marriage wasn’t bumpy enough, the children feel abandoned and Michael cant quite get a grip on anything.  (Home Front by Kristin Hannah)

In yet another audio (my IPOD, Milton Podricker) I am on a lifeboat and the ship has sunk taking hundreds if not thousands of lives with it.  No, it was not the Titanic.  There are 39 of us on the lifeboat and it is day… I don’t remember but it has been at least a week.  The weather is bad and we are discussing that is the weather continues this way the water will sink the lifeboat because there are too many in it.  Hard decisions, UNBELIEVABLY hard decisions are about to be made…  (THe Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan)

and in books, I am on the streets of New York with Sarah Beth as she has just walked out on her life… at least for a while.  She has left her best friend in a restaurant thinking she is in the bathroom, but she will soon get the note from the waiter that things are not good, have not been good for a while and this break, if that’s what it is… has to happen.  (Whole Latte Life by Joanne Demaio)

Ok that’s my time… I look at the clock and find it (and me) wanting.  😀


Have a super day!  I want to talk about World Book Night but that will be tomorrow!



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  1. That’s so many books to have going at once!

  2. I’ll be starting The Lifeboat soon! Looking forward to it.

    Have a good day today.

  3. You’ve made The Lifeboat sound very exciting!

  4. I would have a hard time keeping them all straight! lol

    I think The Snowman sounds good….and I loved Whole Latte Life.

    What about Home Front? Did you find those kids annoying?

    Enjoy your day….

  5. I always stay in bed until the very last second! Today I don’t have to work till 4pm so I am happy to have all day so get stuff done.

    • I am a morning person Lola, no trouble there but occasionally I fall back asleep.. I am usually up by 7 at the latest… so that was late for me this morning 😀 (However on no commitment days – up at 7 does not mean I am out of PJ’s at 7…. or 8, or 9 occasionally… 😛

  6. 4 AM?? No way. I don’t think an explosion could wake me that early!

  7. I’m always waking up way to early, so I start reading and fall back asleep. I don’t work outside the house though, so it’s no biggie for me.

    It’s funny, I have all those books on my TBR list!

    Hope you have a great day!

  8. I really enjoyed The Lifeboat. I thought it was a great read.

    I never wake up early feeling good during the week. That happens on the weekend and I end up regretting not sleeping in.

  9. I wish that would have been my morning. 🙂 I’ve been fighting off some sort of virus all week and my days have consisted of me watching tv, drinking tea and wishing this cold (or whatever it is) would hurry up and be done with already. So far it’s a fever and scratchy throat with earaches. It’s like waiting for a storm to hit and hoping it will pass by without too much damage. There’s so much I’d rather be doing. I am glad that you started your day off well though! 🙂 (Oh, and pottermore – I joined today and got sucked right in.)

    • I hope you feel better Alyce! That is awful when you just dont feel right and it wont move on either way….

      OOH and Pottermore… I have to get back on it… I have not been on in months and I am curious what changes they have made… 😀

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