Morning Meanderings… So Many Fun Happenings!

Good morning!  Happy Tuesday!  I think today is going to be a GOOD GOOD Day!

Monday morning I woke up to this:

Yup.  SNOW.  😯  Let’s recap, Saturday, sunny, 72 degrees, GORGEOUS our!   Sunday stormy…. Monday… snow.

On the bright side… Tuesday morning.  Sunny and should be mid to high 50’s.  I’ll take it. The snow is almost gone.. just a little on the deck.

There is a lot of fun things I want to tell you about this morning so hang on to your COFFEE CUP while I spill all. 

Historical Tapestry is a blog that has been promoting all things Titanic for the last week.  They have some really interesting posts and if you are interested in Titanic topics this is a must stop.  Yesterday I did a guest post over there on Titanic memorabilia, featuring my Titanic Bears.  Yes, I have Titanic Bears.  Yes, you can see them over at Historical Tapestry.

If you know Jill at Fizzy Thoughts you know that she likes to change words to songs, something I used to do all the time in High School with my friend Barb, the only other girl in our home room.  I still can’t sing Eye Of The Tiger with  the correct words after we spoofed it….

Anyway, a couple days ago on one of her post I left her ummm…. a little challenge per se… and rumor has it (ok, she told me) that she will be changing the words to the song I gave her today over at Fizzy Thoughts.  Pop over later and see what she came up with!  I know I will!

I also updated Team Kickin It this morning with my weekly check in of my fitness goals and what is happening in that part of my world.  Stop over cheer me on…. 😀

What does this number mean to me? Click and find out!

And finally, a couple weeks ago I had a major SQQQUUUEEEE  moment when a box of YA books arrived on my door step.  While I would say most of us book lovers would agree, books on the doorstep are totally back flip worthy, I wanted to be sure these treasures were reviewed in a timely manner.  A friend of mine’s daughter Camryn is a big time book lover and I invited her over to look through the books and read and review any she wished, on the agreement that she would point out the super fabulous ones to me so I could make sure I read them soon too.  😀  The day before Easter she left here with five books, that evening she sent me two reviews and by Monday of last week she had finished and reviewed all five for me. 

I should have recruited a long time ago…  😛

So later today, Camryn’s first review is going up for Herafter by Tara Hudson.  I hope you will give her a warm welcome as I see an up and coming book blogger in this one.  😀

I work today… plan to work out after and then a wonderful evening at home…. I really like the sound of that. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… So Many Fun Happenings!

  1. SNOW?!? That’s almost as crazy as the 95 degree heat we had here yesterday. Mother Nature needs a Xanax, she’s not sure what season is which.

    Love the box of books, and I can’t wait to read Camryn’s review! But first, I’m going to check out your Titanic post!!

  2. Ok, I’ll stop complaining about our temp – 39 – at least there wasn’t snow on the ground here this morning! How great that Camryn is reading and reviewing the YA books for you.

    1. She came over yesterday Judith and grabbed ten off my shelves, some I had reviewed, some not yet. She said she would read and review them all! Its exciting to see these books moving from my shelves to being read! 😀

  3. We didn’t have snow, but we had stormy, rainy days most of last week, and then yesterday, almost hot! 72 degrees out and I turned on the ceiling fans inside and ditched my sweater when I went out.

    Thanks for sharing the links…will check them out!

  4. I’m looking forward to Camryn’s review later today. I wish I could enlist my kids or husband or a even my book friends in reviewing but it’s a no-go 😦

    And snow? Ugh, it was 90 yesterday here and 80 already! We went straight from a mild winter to summer.

    1. My hubby is a non reader and my kids are grown.. doing their own thing… had to borrow my friends daughter….LOL 😛 Its fun because she can give a YA perspective on YA books… I am hoping that speaks to some of my readers.

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