2108 Eyes Open by K.L. Glanville w/ GIVEAWAY!

It’s 2018. Jewel (or Charmskinned as fondly called by her dad) has just turned 16. 16! That means she can finally access the autopilot on her Aerokopa (think of the Jetsons cartoon and how they traveled). Life is opening new doors right and left!

But really what good is being 16 and being able to explore the countryside when you do not have a date to your BFF’s party of the century? Well, except for that one boy, Loyal who’s cute and all but he is also a HOLDOUT… and that is a can of grief Jewel is not ready to open. And of course there is the whole hush hush business of the Trollers docked at the quay , believed to be spies working with the Aliens, but Jewel’s dad is a big shot in the Government and he is on top of all of that. It’s best to avoid that area, and it would be all out treason to make friends with one of these Trollers, even if he was a really cute teenage one, who seems to be really nice and brings you gifts….

That would be the wrong thing for Jewel to do right?  Right?

I am not a big sci fi “fan girl”, yet when asked if I would take a closer look at this new book by K.L. Glanville, something caught me. It might have been the fun synopsis of a young girl about to get in a heap of potential trouble. And really if I followed my own rule of things “I will not enjoy” then I never would have experienced Hunger Games, Pandemonium, The Knife Of Never Letting Go,” so seriously… what do I know?

What I liked about 2108 is that this is what I would call a great young YA read. By young YA I mean although it is written about teenagers, and there is a mention of champagne towards the end of the book, it is a clean read, almost upper MG. (I hope I am making sense)

The people of the book are categorized:

Naturals: People like Jewel and her dad. They live as nature intended, no alterations to their DNA or bodies. Most live in New Zealand which is the only area where no Bionics or Aliens live, which is a big bonus!

Aliens: Those who invaded the globe. Untrustworthy.

Bionics: People who are in cahoots with the Aliens. Some of them even have their DNA altered to mix with the Aliens DNA.

Holdouts: People who still believe in the old ways, they have two parent families and usually a number of children (how crazy is that?)

Jewel’s character was interesting and I felt well developed. I felt the futuristic feel of this book was not over the top. It was fun, and I got into the story line, wondering what would happen next.

Fair waring: This book does leave you with unanswered questions and I see on Amazon it is marketed as Volume 1, on the bright side, that means there is more to come of this interesting and fun story!

I am connecting this review to Julie at Booking Mama’s Kid Connections.  A meme I wish I took part in more often!

I was just notified by the publishing company that I can give away one SIGNED copy of this book with 5 books marks to one lucky commenter!  Simply leave a comment on this post between April 14 – April 18th, and on the morning of the 19th I will announce the winner.  😀


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2108: Eyes Open” New Young Adult Book Release!

12 thoughts on “2108 Eyes Open by K.L. Glanville w/ GIVEAWAY!

  1. Heh. I would suspect that given the information above, New Zealand has a thriving National Socialist Party. Would be interesting to see how this racial sub-plot develops.

  2. I enjoyed the book. Got caught up in the story line and wondering how things would work out for her.

  3. What I loved about the plot was the fact that they married the sci fi with the girl who causes only trouble….. two of my favorite plotlines

  4. This does sound like a good one. I love that you said it’s not “over the top” because I’m always afraid of that.

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