Morning Meanderings… Sunday Salon!


Good morning and HAPPY EASTER!

I hope this Sunday morning finds you well… and happy and well you know… GOOD.

I had a pretty sweet week and even got the road bike out on the trail this week 3 times for a total of 68 miles (that makes me SO happy!)  I am hoping that maybe I will get out there again yet today and Monday and make it to 100 by Tuesday night (that would be one week since I started riding this year).  That will be a hard sell though as I have Monday night and Tuesday night commitments that will leave me only a little window of time to bike. 

One thing I did not get a lot of time to do this past week is read and that annoys me.  I almost put up a tweet that said “Really Sheila, how about you try to actually read a book?”

Seems like with the additional bike riding this week the reading fell to the way side, and the fresh air, knocked me out in the evenings.  Seriously – that’s embarrassing.  Friday night I came home around 6 pm after riding 36 miles, ate dinner, sat in the recliner to read and promptly passed out.  I woke at ten, and went to bed. What am I?  Five???  😯

I did get a few goodies in the mail this week:

Some pretty exciting reads and a movie to review, We Bought A Zoo.


Today we will go to church this morning, and then out to Easter brunch.  It’s just Al and I today without Justin being able to come home as he works and Brad in the Navy.  For us it will be a low key day and that is alright.  I have over 200 pages to go in our book club read, The Nineteenth Wife for our review on Tuesday. 

As for other exciting news – it looks like I have a roommate for BEA!  WOO HOO!!!!!  More on that soon, waiting on a confirmation but a hotel was found… and it looks good and just looking at it today made me all giddy inside knowing that BEA is coming and finally (FINALLY) it feels like it is coming together.  😀

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! 

29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Sunday Salon!

  1. Happy Easter, Sheila!

    Well done for getting back on the bike! I will admit, after you, that I often get back completely shattered after bike rides. I’m not sure how long yours were – after bike rides of about 25+ miles I’m done for the day. Sad. Do you think it’s our age?

    Nice pile of reads! I’ve also got a copy of Dirt and look forward to reading is. Happy reading!

    1. Happy Easter Judith!
      I don’t think it is the age because I do the 150’s without ant trouble, and we are usually up late in the night on those two days rides. I think its more “getting back in the saddle” or on the seat in this case. 😀 It’s been 6 months since I have worked out this hard… going to take a little time to warm up 😀

  2. I always forget about Easter. It creeps up on me every year, tiptoes by and then somebody reminds me.

    Well then… Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter, Sheila! I think we get so tired after a day outside in the spring because we aren’t used to all that fresh air and activity. It sure is a nice tired though. You did well for the first biking week. I’m hoping to win Calico Joe in a contest on another blog.

  4. It’s a relief to get the roommate thing sorted out, isn’t it? I was really glad to get mine settled early :-). And I’m REALLY glad to know you’re going to be at BEA again–let’s meet up!

    1. This is the first time I did not have this all lined up and yeah… dont like the stress. 😀 We are still finishing up a couple details but I hope to be fully booked in a hotel, flight done and BEA booked early this week. THEN I can relax. 😛

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