Morning Meanderings.. Pinterest Interest and The Blog

Good morning!

Yes I am here, just a little late this morning.  I have been up since 6 am, but I have been reading emails I was too tired to get to last night, chatting it up a bit this morning with bookish peeps on Twitter, and cautiously looking into Pinterest.

Why the caution?

Any one that reads Book Journey on a regular basis knows I have no trouble at all filling up my time.  I love to read, to blog, my job, hanging with friends, rollerblading, biking, the gym, volunteering with teen and the homeless, movies, and really…. honestly…

I was afraid (and still am a little) that Pinterest would become a time suck I just could not afford unless I gave up sleeping, which as hard as I like to run…. I do look forward to hitting the pillow at night to re-energize.

Friends invited me to join it, talked about it, I hear it’s praises on the blogs, but for me…. Pinterest was off the table.

And then…  (gah… I am really starting to not like those two words…)

Jay at Joy’s Book Blog had a Pinterest Challenge for Bloggiesta.  Not one to back down from a challenge I checked it out.  What Joy talks about is how to use your blog with Pinterest… in other words, I could connect books on Pinterest that would draw attention to Book Journey.

I do like talking about books…

I did not do the challenge – I did not have time.  But I did ask Joy to hook me up with an invite and she did, and this morning… I registered.  Anyhoo… that’s why I am really late this morning 😀

Source: via Jacinda on Pinterest

Oh yes, you can plan on seeing these pop up in a post as soon as I find a book to theme them… 😀


I am registered but currently there is nothing on my board.  I need to figure out how to do it, does it link back to the blog, etc….  maybe this evening I can look more into that and probably in the next day or two I will put up a link on the sidebar.  Until then… yeah.

So let the time suck begin.  😛  If you do not hear from me for a while check Pinterest, I may be pinned to a board.  “Help!  I’ve been pinned and I can not get free!” 

My day today is blog post writing, group power, hopefully a bike ride, reading, cooking, and some sort of low-key plan for hubby and I tonight… like a rented movie.


Questions to you:  Do you use Pinterest?  If so in what ways?  (to look up things?  What things?) Inquiring minds (ok, me!) want to know.

65 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings.. Pinterest Interest and The Blog

    1. Hi Jill! And thanks… I have a little tweaking to do on that header – hopefully yet this morning, but I think I will leave my pic – I wanted people to know with all the changes to the blog, they are still at Book Journey – it’s still me! 😀

  1. I had gotten some invites and was reluctant…but then I went there and registered. But I felt “lost amongst the pins,” trying to sort out what I wanted, what to do with it all, etc.

    And I just knew it would be another time suck that someone with twelve blogs and two manuscripts in the works can’t afford. So I deactivated it. Plus, I didn’t like how everything I did there showed up on my Facebook timeline.

    Yes, I’m sure there is a way to “hide” the activity…but I’m still navigating that stupid timeline on FB.

    But I may investigate again…I’ll be watching to see what you discover!

  2. I love Pinterest. And the reason I do is that it’s quite a treasure trove for writing ideas. The photos inspire me and oftentimes an idea sparks, and then I have just what I need for a passage I’m writing.

  3. I saw a short feature on CNN last night about Pinterest.They said that 90% of the people who have joined Pinterest are women!. I belong to it but have only used it once so far to enter a book contest. I know about time suck. I already have to limit myself on my groups so much.


  4. You can find me there at Mary H. I really like Pinterest but it can be like going down a rabbit hole. I can’t believe how fast time flies when I’m just looking at everything that comes up on my follows. I have to be careful… very careful 🙂

  5. Love Pinterest…it does not suck up time because it’s so fast…put the widget on your blog and people will click to get to your boards…you will make lots of boards…lol…lots and lots and learn all kinds of new tricks, recipes, and more!!!

    We are spraying our weeds with pickling vinegar today to get rid of them…lol..thank you Pinterest!!!

    1. See Patty? Now that is a good tip! Pickling vinegar! Thats where the time suck comes in – not on that I will be posting, but what I will be checking out…. now I want to do that for my Hostas! 😛

  6. Yes. Well.

    It’s relaxing time thief, if that helps!! When I get in a bunch over trying to design stuff that won’t do what I’m telling it, I send myself to Time-Out on Pinterest, now!! Lol.

    If you load a picture from your post or blog, IT WILL LINK BACK TO YOU!! Click on a picture and trace it back to it’s origin… and then the creativity starts clickin’ of what ALL you could link back to your book blog!!!

    I’ve found book bloggers and contests thru Pinterest I hadn’t run into before… and I started a board just to pass on what other bloggers are up to, like contests & stuff. I have a bookshelf & books-books-books board, which includes some coffee & tea and the occasional chocolate ’cause they’re related in my weird head. Those are like book-candy boards and completely useless except I love ’em and pull pix from ’em all the time for my posts.

    I can’t believe how many landscape pix I like… inspirational, as Beth H said.

    I think Pinterest RULES in the How-To department, though… any post that’s timelessly helpful gets repinned the most (think friendly wildfire). My favorite book review posts include a wee summary. I like to pass on everyone’s reviews, but I’m not sure the best way to do that… “books worth reading”? or “pass it on!”? or something I haven’t thought of, yet?!?!

    And… (there’s always more!!!) then there’s the brainstorming how to make your posts super Pin-ish, so other Pinterest people like me will see you’re totally cute picture and pin it on one of my boards saying something like – To Pinterest or not to Pinterest?! And then people who follow my boards will be like, “hey… a new sucker!! Let’s check it out!!” and click the picture and come to your post.


    Not that I’m calling you a sucker. That was hypothetical.

  7. OMG! I’m still laughing about being pinned to a board!!! 🙂

    I used to never want more time in a day….until I found out that I DON’T have enough time to do ALL the things I want to do-run, read, blog, read blogs, pinterest, teach, love, sleep, eat, talk, etc…… 🙂

    Looking forward to “following” you on pinterest!


    1. Right! Double right! I tell my friends that my trouble is that I like everything I do… it’s not like I do something I don’t enjoy… I am all in 😀 If I was less interested in things, life would be so much easier….LOL
      (but perhaps dull…)

  8. Two reasons why I’m not interested. First, my ancient (2000) computer is so slow now that I spend far too much time just trying to do a few things on it. Second, see the first reason. I just can’t afford to spend any more time on social media. It’s running my life. I’m trying to simplify, not complicate.

  9. I feel the same way as you do… I don’t need another ‘something’ to suck my time!! But as you know, do have a few ‘boards’, where I pin stuff I think I might like….but honestly, I haven’t been on there for a few weeks. Sometimes I will go ‘pin’ stuff from other people, so that I can remember it for later, but I really don’t spend too much time on there. I could take it or leave it. Hmmmm…..maybe I should go look at it now??

  10. PINTEREST is addicting! I took the mini challenge during Bloggiesta too when I learned I could pin right from my blog. I try not to go there often because once you get started you can’t stop and I need to focus more time on reading books and getting away from this computer, but I am following you back, lol

  11. I didn’t even participate in bloggiesta, but I did join pinterest because of a bloggiesta post about it. It’s really easy to use – surprisingly so. There’s a “pin it” button that you drag to your toolbar and then you can click on it and pin from any page while surfing the web. I’ve limited myself to book, other blog stuff (like some of my photos), and Harry Potter quotes (because I couldn’t resist).

  12. I just started Pinterest last week and I’m already hooked! It doesn’t take as much time as I thought it would, and I love the visual display of everything my Pinterest friends have found interesting since the last time I checked.

  13. I love Pinterest – I’ve been on it for a while now. I would never have thought of linking it to my blog, but after participating in Bloggiesta and doing the Pinterest mini-challenge, I now have a follow me button and a pin it button on my blog. I had started using it originally to look up recipes, fitness ideas (tons of great workouts there!), holiday decor, crafty stuff, etc. It can be a time-consumer, but I try to limit how often I go on it. By the way, I actually pinned the picture you have above to my “All Things Chocolate” board. Tea and chocolate – 2 of my favorite things!

    1. LOL, thats funny about the picture! I grabbed it as soon as I seen it! I think I may even have a very soon reason to make the cookie too 🙂 Oh and yeah… coffee and chocolate for me… DANGEROUS!

  14. I love Pinterest!
    I use it for many things….recipes to try, cleaning/organizing tips, I have a board for each of my kids, where I will pin thing that will interest them or crafts to try.
    I have a board of places I’ve been, favorite things, everything books, etc. (I think I have 30 boards…lol)

    It is like a favorites folder, with photos.

  15. Just started on Pinterest and I love it because you get to see so much with so little effort. Bit like twitter and instagram mixed together! Are they biscuits?! They look lush!

  16. I love pinterest. It’s so much fun. I have a few different boards. One is stuff I want to try: diy projects and recipes mostly. Another that I use a lot are things that I want… it has pictures of actors and puppys and cupcakes. 🙂 Then I have one with inspiring quotes and one with romantic pictures and one called Wanderlust that is filled with pins of places I want to visit one day.

  17. DON’T DO IT! STAY AWAY! WHAT are YOU THINKIN’?!?!?! (I’m BkClubCare… but you know that. and I have cool lobster things – check out my MY STYLE board…)

  18. I was resisting Pinterest too, figured it would be another time sink with no real, ahem, benefit. Kinda like another video game, and I do enough of that already. However… I found out that I can ‘pin’ book covers of what I’ve reviewed and link the reviews to them. So I made a few boards and now I also have artwork, gardening, birds, and, and, and… the possibilities appear endless… and I’m sure the rest will be history!

      1. You need to make sure on you’re on the post page, not your home page when you use the Pin It button.

        Here’s another tip: If you highlight the title of your post (or any other text) before you hit Pin It, it will automatically show up as the description of the pin.

  19. I LOVE Pinterest. I have tried so many fun things like foods (who knew you could make cinnamon rolls in your waffle iron in under 3 minutes!) and Christmas presents I made last year from some of the craft ideas I saw. It does suck more of my time than I have, but on the other hand you can view literally hundreds of things on one site in a matter of minutes. So maybe it’s really a timesaver? 😉

  20. hahaha fun post, glad I’m not the only one entering the pinterest ‘black hole’, I’ve been using pinterest for a couple of months but have only just started pinning my favourite reads to link to my blog. Have fun learning 🙂

  21. I love Pinterest! Actually it’s one of the highest traffic driving sources for my blog. I don’t pin my reviews extremely often (because I think that is really annoying), just a few at a time and viola! I have people click through to read them all the time. It’s crazy!

    On a personal note, I use it as a way to find new recipes (which I’ve definitely used!) and also for craft projects that I don’t want to clutter up my bookmarks. It’s a nice way to visually sort through the clutter that used to rest in lines of text I’d forget about once bookmarking them normally. So Yay! You’ll love it, but just like anything moderation is a great thing. 🙂

  22. Just like you, Sheila, I have avoided Pinterest with a 10-foot pole! I can’t even keep up with blogging as much as I’d like to – I don’t need another time suck either.

    Buuut….I DO like to find new ways to promote my blogs. I will stay tuned and rely on you to tell us more about how to link blogs and Pinterest!

    You are such a wealth of information!


    1. The comment above your Sue was a great testiment of what it can do… I think it will be a great networking source but of course… like you, finding the time to do it…. I will keep you posted 😀

  23. Love those tea bags – what a great idea! My Dad makes delicious Scottish shortbread – maybe I will put him to work on these soon!

    1. I made them for book club and they were a lot more work then I thought… cutting the shapes, putting in the hole without them cracking open…. but I listened to audio while I did it so that made it all better 😉

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