Hunger Games Movie

Hunger Games.  More than likely… you have heard of it.  If you have read me for any amount of time, you have heard it here…. through book reviews, through the excitement over the movie…

To this day I still struggle when somebody asks me what it is about.


Because honestly, based on the synopsis I would have never read this book.  Children fighting to the death?  People watching from their homes as it is televised for all to see… children that were not born killers, but fighting because they had too… they were forced to for the pleasure of the Capital?  For entertainment???

But then… I had seen the book reviews.  People whose opinion I trusted were raving… and I read the book.  And I loved it.

It’s hard to explain Hunger Games.  It is the story of Katniss, living in a world broke into twelve districts, hers being the most impoverish of them all, District Twelve.  She lives with her mother and her 12-year-old sister Prim.  They have nothing but a roof over their head.  Katniss hunt, illegally, with her friend Gale, trying to put any food on the table… a bird, a squirrel….

And then, there are the Hunger Games.  Children from the ages of 12 to 18 are put into a drawing to see who will represent their district in a fight to the death.  One boy and one girl from each district.  Twenty-four children go into the Hunger Games, only one comes out alive.  For each year from twelve on, you get your name entered.  Occasionally for extra rice on the table, you can offer to have your name put in extra times.  Prim is in the drawing once.  Katniss is in there more times than she would care to remember… is it 20 times?  30?

And then.. the day of the drawing is held… and as you can probably guess, Prim’s name is drawn.  It’s heart wrenching – in the book,and in the movie… and Katniss says NO, and takes her sisters place.

So enough about the book….

lets talk about the movie.

Myself and four friends went to the midnight showing on Thursday.  While I know many people do not like to go to movies from books because they say they ruin them, I am not one of those people.  I am always curious when a book I have enjoyed becomes a movie.  I wonder if the movie will do the book justice, I wonder what the director will pull out of a book that I didn’t see… for better or for worse…

And of course, as book lovers, we do take some personal ownership in these movie choices don’t we?  It has been interesting as they chose who would play what part and the buzz on the internet if the characters were the right ones for the part.  Guesses were made and suggested…. rumors milled as to who would play Katniss, Peeta, and Gale…

and then it was done.

Hunger Games, much like the Harry Potter movies, leave me breathless.  I know how the book made me feel…. I hope I get that out of the movie.

I can safely say I did… and then some. 

Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss.  I am sorry if you disagree, but I thought she was the perfect mix of tough girl, who could pull off the fighting for her life look as well as the dressed up version.  Entering the games, her look of fear is spot on. 

Josh Hutterson took a little while longer to grow on me (he is so little in real life!) but once they were preparing for the games… I found him to do an amazing job as well.

Liam’s role as Gale is so small its hard to get a feel for him.

Fantastically done, and tasteful seems to be a word I use that does not make sense when again… its kids fighting to the death, but it is done well.  The actual killing is off-screen.  You know what happened, but nothing is overly violent and gory. 

It was kind of cool to see how the capital watched like “Big Brother” over the games, and how they made things happen if it was getting dull… 

My recommendation is see the movie.  If you have not read the book, do that too, but the movie does a nice job of covering all the bases so if you have not read the book (shudder to think of it!) you will not be lost. 

On World Book Night, April 23, the book I am handing out is Hunger Games.  Yeah, I appreciate it that much.

I will be going again.

34 thoughts on “Hunger Games Movie

  1. I am glad to know you enjoyed it. I am going Tuesday. I just couldn’t do the midnight show and be up and ready to work at 6:30 the following morning! Looking forward to it with great anticipation….

    1. I remember that during the “killing scenes” and I dont know why it didnt bother me but it made a girl in my book club a little sick to her stomach from all the shaking.

      Not Blair Witch shaking camera though…LOL…. that one made me sick.

  2. I just got back from seeing the movie this afternoon and it far surpassed my expectations. It even moved me to tears.

    I agree that Jennifer Lawrence did a fantastic job as Katniss. I had my reservations about Josh Hutcherson but he did pull off the character of Peeta in the end even if he wasn’t quite what I pictured.I even liked Woody Harrelson as Haymitch. He made Haymitch more likeable than the book version. I think this is one of the best adaptations of a YA book to film and look forward to seeing Catching Fire.

    1. Oh yeah – I cried a couple of times Christina, it was very emotional. Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention Woody Harrelson, and of course the awesome surprise of great acting with Lenny Cravitz.

  3. My kids are at the theater watching it right now!! I will go see it next weekend and can’t wait. Everyone is telling me it was wonderful!

  4. I’m planning on ditching housework on Thursday morning and going to see it. I’m excited as the buzz seems positive and Jennifer Lawrence seems just perfect! Glad to hear it lived up to the hype!

  5. I struggled with the casting of Peeta as well, mainly because of the height thing. If I didn’t know about it before, then it wouldn’t have been an issue but I was aware, and therefore I was!

    I am glad that I went to see it, and would gladly see it again.

  6. I enjoyed it too, better than I thought I would. I was worried I would be disappointed, and I did miss some of the things that were cut, but overall I liked it. I think I may go see it again in a few weeks when it’s calmed down as well. I’m very sad that we’re going to have to wait to see the next one!

    1. I didnt even think about the things that were cut until later Crystal. I had read it in 2009, but listened to the audio I think in December. Now I am thinking “wasnt that supposed to be…. or was that in Catching Fire…” 😀

  7. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!! My 14-yo son went with his entire class on Friday, but the rest of us need to find time to see it. It looks so great!

    Thanks for the overview –


  8. I find it difficult to recommend it to people, because if they ask what it’s about and I say, “24 kids killing each other on a reality TV show” I know they’d look at me funny. But it’s an amazing series, and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie tomorrow

    1. Hee hee…. I know right? I always start out with, “Ok you are going to think it sounds terrible… but hear me out….”

      It makes me feel better that I talked out childrens Pastor into reading it and his daughter and they both loved it!

  9. I finally saw the movie last night. Was so happy with the job they did-from the actors to story line. But I felt that two major things were left out. First the poverty and starvation were glossed over. I didn’t get the feeling of desperation from Katniss when Peeta saves her from starvation with the burnt bread-it just looked like an act of kindness rather than a pivotal moment of life and death. And the orgin of the mockingjay pin I believe was an important element that puts the rebellion and Katniss’s role in motion.
    But those are little things that I’m sure will be revisited in the movie to come.
    I loved it and will absolutely buy it!

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