Morning Meanderings… Fargo, Birthday, Christmas… FRIENDS

Good morning!  I think after a sluggish day yesterday that included a late nap in the recliner, watching The Descendants, and really nothing more… this morning I feel… good.

Last week I missed out on Alyce’s Saturday Snapshots which I love to do, but I was out of town and not that organized prior to leaving.  As I thought about this past week and what pictures I could post this morning, I realized my week really had a strong theme to it.


Last weekend I was in Fargo North Dakota with three friends.  We shopped, hung out, talked, went out dancing and laughed.  It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from where I live but it was a blast!

Deb, Amy, Paula... waiting at Granite City in Fargo ND for dinner.

Last Sunday, when we arrived home we had to all quickly change as three of the four of us who went away for the weekend play floor hockey and so after a quick change, there we were:

Our Floor Hockey Team picture on Sunday

That game was followed by a quick shower and then I went to a friend’s birthday party that evening. (Sadly – no pics!)

On Thursday as I blogged about, was the library sale and while hanging outside and chatting it up with new friends and old, I had a blast.

Suzette and Mari standing outside the Brainerd Library with me - pre sale.

Thursday afternoon I had a lunch date with Julie, Key, and Sandi, it was for my birthday (that was last month) and for Julie’s which is this coming Sunday. Julie picked me up a CUTE bag that I told her I wish I would have had earlier that day for the book sale, Key gave me an awesome book, and Sandi a beautiful necklace.

Thursday evening was the midnight showing of Hunger Games and Wendy, Heidi, Amy, Dee, Jodi, and myself all attended.  We ordered pizza from Dominos while waiting in line (because that was funny!) and had a great time!

Wendy picking up the pizza from the movie theater

Then a very tired version of me that had come home at 3 am on Friday, worked at 8 am to noon and then met Heidi, Cindy and Sara at my home at 12:30 to celebrate…. you will never guess…


Life… had been busy, yes we had got together these past few months but we had other agenda’s – so finally… we met for lunch (mmmm Chinese takeout) at my home yesterday afternoon, talked, caught up, laughed, and exchanged Christmas presents.  I have the cute moose in an outhouse for the cabin, a few gift cards, a purse hanger, and a fun ornament.

All in all the week was busy, but looking back… I am blessed for a person who has very little family, I am surrounded by a lot of great friends.

Stop by Alyce’s Saturday Snapshot and see what everyone else is taking pictures of.  😀

I have a commitment this morning and not sure about this afternoon yet.  I may go for a bike ride, or to a movie, I may just come home and read.  😀

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  1. What total fun to have a Christmas celebration! You and your friends have the best ideas ever!

  2. You had a fantastic week! You have so many friends because you’re such a great friend!!

  3. What a great week you had! Love those birthday gifts 🙂

  4. What a week! Friends, fun, and travel … three of my favorites, too!

  5. Friends are the family we choose…

    Great shots, and what a great time you’ve had in these moments with friends.


  6. Sounds like lotsa good times! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  7. Seems like you’re due for some reading and relaxing time, but I’m always amazed at the fun ideas you and your friends have. I’m glad you had a good week with them. Love the picture of the floor hockey team.

  8. Your week sounds so fun! I was thinking as I read that you’re blessed to have so many wonderful friends. 🙂

    And I am impressed you made it to the midnight showing of Hunger Games then worked the next morning–some friends suggested it, but I opted for Sunday evening plans to see it instead!

  9. I was scrolling along, reading about your exciting week and then I got to Christmas and burst out laughing. (Good thing the coffee cup was put down on my desk at the time!) That had to be too much fun.

  10. Actually, you are very blessed and it shows in your writing, which i love to read…it sounds like you had a very fun week!

  11. You live such a full & fun life!! It’s neat that you have such great friends!!

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful week! =)

  13. That is too funny about celebrating Christmas in March! All of your activities sound like a hoot!

  14. You had a full, exciting week!! Do you get hit a lot in the shins with the hockey stick?

    • I have not been hit, but members of or team have, and I think Deb cracked a rib last year. This is our 5th year playing, tomorrow evening being our final game of the season but it is so much fun!

  15. I bet it was a fun time, Sheila.

  16. Christmas is fun regardless the month in which it’s celebrated!

  17. Dragonflydaydreams

    Ohhhh – how was the Hunger Games? We’re hoping to go this week. We’ve had a family weekend with folk coming interstate to be with us – lots of fun ….the stuff we live for:-)

  18. Good friends, good fun!
    What more could a person want?
    These are pics of a rich life, lived well.

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