Morning Meanderings… A Library Sale, The Police, and Hunger Games


Good morning!

As days tend to go, yesterday was a FULL one.  I woke up at 5:30 am and set a little Rocky Theme in my head while I prepped to go to the annual Spring Library Sale.   It has become this fun and ridiculous thing for me and a few friends to arrive SUPER early like we are waiting outside for tickets to an amazing concert. 

Except this year – I did it alone.  People had to work, plus a few of them that would normally sit by my side drinking coffee and laughing in the early morning light were also part of the crew that was getting together at midnight to see the opening night of Hunger Games, myself included.  But I could not choose one or the other of the great events.  Stubborn me… wanted to do both.

After arriving at 6:30 am and setting up my lawn chair, blanket, cell phone, and book… I promptly popped on to Facebook to let people know I was at the library 2 1/2 hours before it opened and to feel free to drive by, point, and laugh.  😀

By 6:45 am… a police car slowly drove by the library parking lot…. hesitated, then pulled in.  I think, he may have thought I was loitering, or some hopped up on I don’t know…. adrenaline (?) book junky ready to vandalize… either way, I stood up and plastered a smile on my face as he got out of the car.

“So what is going on here this morning?”

I explained the sale, my tradition, the craziness of me and my awesome friends… errrr… minus the companions this morning.  His face broke into a smile, “I think,” he said, “My wife comes to this every year too – but at a later time.”

Other than that – the other highlight was Mark (*waves!) friend/ employer/Pastor, called me at 6:50 am after seeing my Facebook status and offered to bring me coffee.  Of course, I accepted, 😀 

By 7:30, person #2 arrived (later I would find out his name is Tom), and slowly they trickled into the line on a lightly rainy morning at the Brainerd Library. 

I think… I enjoy the pre- sale comradery often even more than the sale itself.  😀

ANd then… at 9 am the doors opened and I was in.

The Line prior to the doors opening


Just a small SMALL section of the books at the sale...


They said they had record amount of books this spring.  At 50 cents a book – I left spending $29.00.  😯

I think… I may be a book hoarder. 

HIghlights of the sale:

There were a few specialty books for $1.00 I could not resist.  This lovely copy of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane caught my eye.  To the right, someone had donated some lovely old copies of Fairy tales and A Tale Of Two Cities dating back into the early 1900’s.  The covers were gorgeous!

I will post the books this afternoon so be sure to stop back as in tradition of my library sale postings.. there is a little fun in it for both of us!  😀


At noon yesterday I had lunch with three amazing friends, after work I came home and tried to rest but it did not happen, at 10 pm I went to the movie theater and waited in line for two hours (it was a line waiting day!) for Hunger Games…. which was amazing – and more on that later.  😀


I also need to announce the winners of the Finn book from a couple of days ago!  Using, congratulations to:

Justin (#4)

Laurel  (#2)

Congrats to you both!  Please email me your address to and I will pass the information on to have this book sent to you right away!

I need to get ready for work, I have dinner with friends here this afternoon and then I think I may just crash for a bit.  😀

42 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Library Sale, The Police, and Hunger Games

  1. Great finds! Our library spring sale was last week, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. The last sale was a little disappointing and so may have partly been why I didn’t make the effort either. At least the cop was friendly!!

  2. OMG, thanks! I was quite startled to see my name…and I’ll be e-mailing you straightaway!

    I love old books…those gorgeous covers are totally “awesome sauce.”

    Uh…Sheila, you THINK you’re a book hoarder? lol I think we all are book hoarders. Definitely. But it’s a good thing, right? It could be worse.

    Have a great day!

  3. I think it is wonderful that people line up for your library’s book sale! I think the reason my library doesn’t have lines is because we do a special pre-sale on the day before the actual sale but the only catch is that you have to be a Friends of the Library member. We always have more people signing up to join the Friends that week 🙂

    Looks like you got some great finds at the sale. I can’t wait to see what else you got. You can’t beat .50 cents for a book!

    I look forward to hearing what you thought of The Hunger Games. I am going to see it on Sunday afternoon.

    1. I am a friend of the library Christina and I hear they that help set up the sale get first pick but I think I would pick too many and be shunned AND I really like the crazy parking it outside the library tradition 😀

  4. When I saw that people were lining up for tickets to The Hunger Games, I immediately thought of you! I’m so glad the cop didn’t arrest you for loitering or something. If his wife weren’t a reader, who knows what would have happened. 😀

  5. I love LIbrary Sales! My hometown has an Ladies Auxiliary Sale every April and my mom and I go. It’s huge! I love it!

  6. Ha Ha Ha. I think post has a funny title. LOL! I can see this in the local Police blotter. Here is how I see it being written: Police were called to stop by the local library because someone was trying to get in. When police arrived they question said suspect and find out that she was just CRAZY for the Annual Spring Book Sale at the library. She just wanted to be the firstin line to get into the book sale. LOL!

  7. You scored big at the sale. You never know what you are going to find. One sale we went to, I bought 10 Agatha Christie books with beautiful end papers and padded leather covers for $8.00! 8 bucks! Unbelievable and the best part is they look like they had never been opened. I think someone got them for a gift and is just not an Agatha fan. The waiting is line is fun – we always meet some really nice people.

  8. What fun and what a great sale! I volunteer in my local library’s little store so I get first pick of the donated books. The key word being donated. Books are taken out for circulation and also if they are of some value. All proceeds to the library, of course. Thanks for giving us a look at your excitement!

  9. Breaking news…Sheila, arrested for loitering and book hoarding. Her stacks of books deemed to be a danger to the public (and pets)…. LOL! I’m a book hoarder too and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. 🙂 What a snag on those old books! I love old books. ❤

    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. I keep missing our library sales which makes me not a happy camper. Glad you got to go to yours. I know from your other “library sale” posts from the last few years that you come home with some great books, so can’t wait to see them from this year!

  11. When you said you were going to camp out early, I was thinking that was weird. I had no idea that your library sales are so crazy! I mean, the ones we have get really packed, but nothing like that!

    1. LOL, it probably is a little weird Laura…. but it has become a funny tradition and I LOVE talking with the people in line. I cant explain it… it is more like an event to me than just a sale 🙂

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