Morning Meanderings… Being Flynn giveaway!!!!!

Good morning.  😀

Happy Wednesday and all that.  I don’t know if I am excited about Wednesday because we are now officially half way through the week or if I have a little anxiety as each day brings me closer to next week which is FULL FULL FULL and I don’t like my weeks that full….

HOWEVER.. there is some great things happening yet this week that I do not want to miss so I think I should just chill… and enjoy.

For instance… tomorrow morning is the Spring Library sale which means… I will be there über early because that is just fun.  They open the doors at 9, I plan to be there around 6 am.  😀  Then I work, and I have a lunch date with friends, then back to work and then home and a nap…. because…. midnight is the showing of Hunger Games and yes, myself and a few crazy friends will be there.  Yes, because it is fun.

AND then… Friday opens up the movie Being Flynn, based off the Memoir by Nick Flynn, and I am giving away 2 copies of Nick Flynn’s book!   For my readers in the Twin Cities area, please note that the film will be showing at the Uptown Lagoon Theater in Minneapolis.

Ok… about the book.  Ummm… yeah, how about that title?  Did not see that coming.. but here is what it is about (and that I do like!)

Flynn’s wayward father, a self-styled writer and ex-con, describes his life on Boston’s streets as “another bullshit night in Suck City”: he hangs out in ATM lobbies, stuffs his coat with newspaper and is often “still drunk from the night before.” This biting memoir describes the years poet Flynn (Some Ether; Blind Huber) spent, in his late 20s, working at one of the city’s homeless shelters, where his path crisscrossed with his down-and-out father’s. In examining their troublesome relationship, Flynn admits to feeling lost, as he turned to alcohol and came close to being on the other side of the shelter admissions booth himself. Punchy language and short chapters make what could otherwise be excessively painful more palatable (e.g., “Fact: In 1839 Dostoyevsky witnessed a mob of peasants attacking his father…. they poured vodka down his throat until he died. Fact: I can watch my father pouring vodka down his own throat any day of the week. My role is to play the son, though I often feel like a mob of peasants”).

 The movie…

Being Flynn is the new dramatic feature from Academy Award-nominated writer/director Paul Weitz (About a Boy). Adapted from Nick Flynn’s 2004 memoir Another Bulls—t Night in Suck City, the movie explores bonds both unbreakable and fragile between parent and child.

Nick Flynn (portrayed in the film by Paul Dano of Little Miss Sunshine and There Will Be Blood) is a young writer seeking to define himself. He misses his late mother, Jody (four-time Academy Award nominee Julianne Moore), and her loving nature. But his father, Jonathan, is not even a memory, as Nick has not seen the man in 18 years.

Jonathan Flynn (two-time Academy Award winner Robert De Niro) has long defined himself as a great writer, “a master storyteller.” After abandoning his wife and child, Jonathan scrapes through life on his own terms, and ends up serving time in prison for cashing forged checks. After prison, he drives a cab for a number of years, but with his drinking and eccentricities now accelerating, he loses his job. Despite the occasional grandiose letter to his son, he has remained absent from Nick’s life.

Suddenly facing eviction from his apartment, Jonathan impulsively reaches out to Nick and the two come face-to-face. The older man is eloquent and formidable; overwhelmed, Nick nonetheless prepares to integrate his father into his own life. But, as quickly as he materialized, Jonathan flits away again.

Moving on, Nick takes a job at a homeless shelter, where he learns from Captain (Wes Studi) and Joy (Lili Taylor) how to relate to the guests who arrive night after night. Seeing the homeless – some permanently, some temporarily so – and hearing their stories, Nick finds purpose in his own life and work. He also sustains a romance with a co-worker, Denise (Olivia Thirlby). Then one night, Jonathan arrives, seeking a bed, and Nick’s senses of self and compassion falter. To give the two of them a shot at a real future, Nick will have to decide whom to seek redemption for first.

Evocatively told, ruefully funny, and moving in its depiction of the ties that bind, Being Flynn tells a story that reveals universal truths.

SO in recap, two copies of this book are being given away here and I will announce the winners here (using on Friday morning, in honor of the movie release. 

How to enter?  Leave me a comment here giving the book a different title from reading the synopsis… 😀

Have a great day!

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  1. define relationship……

  2. I have to see this movie! The cast alone…I mean, Robert DeNiro, Julianne Moore….fabulous!

    Seeking Redemption?

  3. “Face to Face”

  4. Justin DeChantal

    From the Other Side
    (implying the differentiation between helping in a homeless shelter and being in need of a bed – both compelling and ruthless)

  5. How about It Takes all Kinds!”
    Many thanks, Cindi

  6. Actually, I’m more interested in the book!

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. Ties That Bind

  8. Thanks for the great giveaway! My title: Hungover

  9. I’m terrible at this: I just kept thinking ABSENT.

  10. I am terrible at this too! How about Not My Father? It sounds familiar though, so I may be thinking of something else…lol

  11. Mary Ann Woods

    Another vote for a great book and great potential for a fantastic movie, cast and all!! Another title?? Truths Be Told. Hard to change a great title as it is!

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