Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

*This review may contain possible unintentional spoilers to the first book, Delirium.

pandemonium is set six months after the first book in this trilogy, Delirium.  In a brief recap, Lena was due to receive her procedure that eliminates deliria (feelings of love).  Living in a controlled Dystopian society, the government believes that deliria (love) is just messy and people are better off with out it  When Lena meets Alex, a boy her own age who had managed to avoid having the procedure done, Lena starts to have second thoughts and a plan is made to escape with Alex.

Now, six months later, pandemonium opens with Lena having survived (barely) to make it to the Wild’s where a small community has formed of those who have not had “the cure”.  Outcasts, Intruders as they are called.  Lena now has to learn to live in a very different manner and it is going to take all her strength and determination to make a go at this new type of life. 

Thrown back and forth between this new world, and the one she came from Lena feels she is living a double life…. which however holds the real Lena’s heart?

Lauren Oliver and I in New York in 2010 (and bonus sssqqquuueeee for Lauren mentioning the Javits Center many times in Pandemonium, which is where BEA is held!)

Ahhh…. pandemonium how I have waited for you!  It has been almost a year since I had plunged head first into Delirium which left me with a huge cliffhanger that I wanted to know what would happen next!  Pandemonium did not disappoint, taking off right from where Delirium left off I learned quickly that author Lauren Oliver has no problem making the hard choices when it comes to what characters will carry on.  Shocked at first (but pleasantly so) by the direction that the book went… I found the more I read I read, the harder it was to put down. 

Written in clever alternating chapters of then and now, you read this book in two different times, Lena’s time in the Wild’s from day one, and then an alternate later time where Lena…. well, you will just have to read that yourself.  😀

Highly enjoyable and oh snap if it does not leave me with my mouth hanging open and a smack to the head…. now I have to wait for that third book! 

I do have some thoughts I want to share, so yup… I have fueled up and rolled out the Spoiler Button for those who have read this book and want to discuss it further, because…. I do want to talk about it. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

  1. Darn it!

    “oh snap if it does not leave me with my mouth hanging open and a smack to the head”

    Yeah, Delirium had me going like that as well.

    Did you know Fox bought up the rights to Delirium shortly after it came out? Not-So-Bebe-Girl Autumn and I both finished the book thinking it would make a good movie – let’s see how that one plays out.

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