February Recap

February sailed by didn’t it?  With the nice numbers I put up in my January recap, I have to admit I was curious to see where I would land for February.  February just felt off…. I felt too busy to read much and too tired to read in the free time I did have.  Then I gave up and returned quite a few audio books that I didn’t get into…. total DNF.

So…. how did it line up?

I added 12 books to my 16 in January (Thank God for audio…. seriously!) but added only three new states to the Where Are You Reading Challenge… ugh… already duplicating states!  😯  I added no reads outside of the United States.

Of those 12, 6 were audio books.  Busy lives people – I am telling you, audio is the fix you need!  😀

2 books into the ebook challenge, sticking with my goal of reading all book club books this year on my Nook… 2 for 2 😀

No progress made on the Dystopia challenge but I am craving the genre…. luckily Pandemonium sits on my kitchen table right now… hopefully being picked up this week.

No progress here either… and looking at this list again, I need to get a move on it as there are some great reads on here that have been on my shelf too long!

For the year I am at 4,587 pages and audio equals 5 days and 38 minutes which sounds scary…. like book coma scary, but remember that is mostly active audio time as in house cleaning, getting ready in the morning, cooking, and drive time. 

While February this year was down from last February by 4 books. 

SO how did your February come out? 

19 thoughts on “February Recap

  1. My February was actually really good for me, I finished 8 (that I posted reviews for anyway), which was twice my goal. Reading the entire Hunger Games series really upped that count 🙂 And I did add several locations too, though not intentionally…but did some duplicating as well.

  2. My February showed completion of 15 books, down by one from January.

    I’m doing well on my eclectic reading challenge, as well as my Mt. TBR and A-Z.

    I’m hoping for a great March.

  3. I posted my February recap last week, too, Sheila – you read double the number of books I did! I don’t know how you fit in so many. I always have an audio going, too, but it takes me months to finish just one. How do you listen so much with other family members around? I sometimes try to listen to an audio book or podcast while I’m cooking, but it only works when I am alone (which is rare!) – if anyone else is around, they come in and want to talk! But I suppose my priority SHOULD be to communicate with my family rather than escape into fiction, huh? ha ha

    Anyway, looks like you had a good month…and I like your cool bar graph!


  4. I thought i had commented some where but looks like I didn’t.
    I read 9 books, 6 new states, one from both Canada and England.
    19 states down. funny how I keep getting books in texas now.

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