Mental Floss The Book… only the greatest lists in the history of listory


Do you like facts?  Fun facts, interesting facts, facts that are conversation starters?  Then this book is for you!  Filled with lists of facts that are just funny, interesting, and yeah… sometimes down right odd…

Here are a few examples:

  • Five Presidential Fashion Flubs (did you know that Thomas Jefferson sometimes greeted dignitaries while wearing his PJ’s?)
  • Questions that probably need answers Immediately (can a pregnant woman drive in the carpool lane – appears that is a yes)
  • Eight Everyday Items Brought To You By NASA (smoke detectors is on the list, so are cordless tools… but something is conspicuously missing!)
  • The Stories Behind 9 Muppet Favorites (did you know Kermit was born in 1955 and originally made his appearance on a show called Sam and Friends?)
  • 6 Laws Of Cartoon Physics (such as the fact that weapons never work well and you can pull anything out of a bag or coat)
  • Missing Body Parts of Famous People (While Stonewall Jackson is busied in Lexington, VA, his arm… well that is busied elsewhere…)
  • Six Tasty Foods Names After People (Graham crackers and nachos are on this list..)


There is even a magazine called Mental Floss for information junkies!


When both my boys were home a few months ago this book was on the coffee table (yes in the family room we still have a coffee table…. sounds so 70’s when I type it out…) and we poured over this book.  We took turns sharing random facts, sometimes laughing out loud, others times saying “What?  How can that be?”

In the end we all felt we knew a little more and were a little more prepared if we were ever chosen to be on Jeopardy.  😛

This really is a fun book that I will keep out on that coffee table, ready to be picked up again by company or by me, as I love to read facts out loud to Al and try to stump him.  Did you know there are 5 traditions that were invented to make us buy stuff?  See?  I can’t even stop now! 


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  1. This sounds like a fun book, one my family would enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh I want! I want!! I love stuff like this!!!

  3. I loved this book too and drove everyone crazy with it when I read it.

  4. This is the only type of book my husband reads.I’m going to have to get it for him for his b-day. Thanks!

  5. oh i love mental floss magazine! This book also sounds like a fantastic guest bathroom book :-}

  6. Sounds fun! Thanks for sharing the review.

  7. What fun! I have heard of the magazine Mental Floss before and have read excerpts from it.

    This does sound like a great book to keep out on the coffee table…or in the bathroom!

    Thanks for the amusing review –


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