The Eyre Report #2

Week two of my heir to the Eyre challenge (I am really tired today – please just ignore the ramblings… ).  My goal was to average 10 pages a day and today, 14 days in I have just closed the book at page 140.  AND in all honesty, I read the majority of my commitment for this week this afternoon.

So where am I?

Jane is now in Thornfield Hall and in these last 70 pages has met her charge, explored the lands, met Mr. Rochester, and now I have just finished several pages of his (Rochester’s) interrogation of Jane…ie.    where do you come from?  How did you get this job?  Where is your family?  Do you find me handsome?(yeah… I thought that was random and awkward too).

Thornfield Hall

Yet Jane is…. growing on me.  Yes it is too early to say yet if we will be BFF’s…. but I am finding it a bit ironic that I have recently praised Harlan Coben this week for creating witty characters that I love… and now here is Charlotte Bronte bringing to life this witty 18-year-old Jane who is quick to respond and not afraid to add some zip to her responses, even in the presence of her employer.  And I am sorry to say Harlan Coben but I have to give extra snaps to Charlotte Bronte for being witty and brilliant about a hundred plus years before you were born. 

So here we are… I am not really sure what Mr. Rochester is getting at by being mostly closed off and grumpy and then occasionally chatty (is booze involved?  I don’t know..) but currently he reminds me a bit of Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights) dark and broody and I did not like Heathcliff EVER so am wondering if I will ever like Rochester… and then because I am tired and rambling I wonder why the brilliant Bronte sisters write of such dark unpleasant men, and I wonder where they found such a man appealing and I wonder what their dad was like?

Both Rochester (left) and Heathcliff (right) look angry.... or perhaps hungry.... (and in my sleep deprived state Heathcliff also looks a bit like young Snape....)

As of now… here is my current rating:

This concludes this weeks Eyre report.  To see back reports of how each week is going – they are linked below:

The Eyre Report Week #1

Anyone else reading along?  What are your thoughts at this point?

27 Comments on “The Eyre Report #2

  1. Good! Good! Good! Now you’re getting somewhere….. would it help if I told you that you are over that hump and things will REALLY start getting interesting….verrrrry interesting! Keep with it!!! 🙂

  2. I am glad the book is getting better for you! I haven’t read Wuthering Heights and I’m kind of intimidated by it. I find Jane Eyre to be a more friendly book. Will you watch the movie after you finish the book? If so, which version? I actually like the Toby Stephens version the most (more romantic) though I think the William Hurt version was most accurate compared to the book.

    Good luck as you keep reading!

    • Wuthering Heights was our first classic we read as a book club…. I was thrilled I got through it but as I get into Jane now I am finding this one may be a smoother easier to read tale then Wuthering Heights… at least I may be able to like Jane… Catherine drove me flat out nuts!

  3. I am thoroughly in love with Rochester. He’s NOTHING like Heathcliff. NOTHING. I promise. I hated Heathcliff instantly. Rochester is FUNNY. That whole do you think I’m handsome thing cracks me up. 😀

  4. It’s about to get really good Sheila! I read this book in a week while I was on bed rest, I just *could not* put it down! I think I am due for a re-read soon.

  5. Jane Eyre is SOOOOOOO much better than Wuthering Heights. Although Rochester still has his issues. Still, he’s better than Heathcliff. And Jane is way better than all those Cathy’s. Actually, anyone is better than the Cathy’s.

  6. It just keeps getting better from there!!! Rochester can be strange at times, but I feel like I understand him more the more times I’ve read the book. He’s a very complex and troubled man, but I do enjoy him as a character.

    Glad you’re still enjoying it 🙂

  7. Go, Sheila, go! <—my poor attempt at cheerleading. Don't worry a bit about Mr Rochester. He has his reasons for his moodiness. You will learn all in time.

    I wish I could read this for the first time again. It's never the same when you know everything that happens.

    Also, the movie adaptation that your photo of Rochester comes from is the best one. I love that Rochester, though he's a little too good looking when he smiles.

  8. I agree Heathcliff does look like a young Snape. My youngest has recently discovered Harry Potter so I am getting to live through it all again! We have been watching a movie every week and he is reading the book. I remember the excited my now 23 year old had each time a new book came out. The waiting was so hard between each book!

    • Lucky you to go through Potter again!! Whenever my college son comes home on holidays we have a tradition to watch at least one! I remember that excitement too – best series EVER!

  9. I do see the similarities of Mr. Rochester and Heathcliff but they aren’t really the same. I love Mr. Rochester and I hated Heathcliff. They’re both dark and brooding, but I’m convinced Mr. Rochester is a good guy who’s had a tough life, and Heathcliff is a psychopath.

    And while I agree the discussion about Mr. Rochester’s looks is a bit random, I do enjoy how well-adjusted he seems to be to being ugly. One of my favorite lines is near the end (no spoilers), when he asks Jane if he’s very hideous–and she says, “Yes, but you always were.” He seems thoroughly amused by the comment.

    • I look forward to continuing with the read Cheryl. I missed my check in this week on it, not sure how I did that but I did. I will post yet this week my current update 😉

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