Morning Meanderings…How Has January Reading Been For You?

Good morning!  *YAWN*  *STRETCH*

I dreamt weird last night.  At one point I was at an orphanage and I thought I was adopting a baby… turns out it was an 8-year-old girl.  The adoption cost was $800 dollars and I did not have any money on me so I had to borrow from a friend.  At some point in the dream my 8-year-old girl turned into a boy (age unknown) but I can see him in my mind.  In my dream world, I did not know – or did not care that the child had been swapped out. 

In the end I remember talking to a real life friend (in my dream) who apparently had been taking care of my adopted child.  I explained that I was going to ease the child into my home by Wednesday, but wanted to take it slow.  My friend agreed that was a good process.  Then I woke up.  I have no idea what that was about…..  

Here we are on Sunday.  My Navy son is flying back to Florida today….  I set up for serving IHN this morning (it is my teams week to serve with the homeless) and things are looking pretty ok moving forward.  I say ok as this is the week I start working full-time (tomorrow) and with IHN also this week, plus throw in a Wednesday meeting, and hopefully close to daily work outs… I proceed with caution that I do not try to stretch myself too thin. 

I really do believe this week will be fine.  I have wonderful volunteers working with me and I don’t foresee anything real stressful…. 😀

So how is your January coming?  I can’t believe we are sitting on the 22nd already today.  That’s just wild!  For me I think I am doing well, I don’t have an exact count at this moment, but have had some great audio time (the cold weather has kept me inside) and the weather helps my book reading too.

This morning I found this Reading/Audio Spreadsheet that looks SO COOL!   I haven’t had any time to fill anything in yet as well…. I just got up and found it like ten minutes ago, and I am going to church in um….. 23 minutes. 😀  But when I get home… I plan to fill in what I know so far this year and see what happens.  (Kind of excited about that!)  I didn’t really set and goals for myself this year along book counts or audio minutes… I just like to see where I land 😀

How about you?  Is your reading in January a good month for you – or no?  Have you set up and ways of tracking what you read this year (or are you like me last year and do a massive count the last week of December?)

26 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…How Has January Reading Been For You?

  1. So far, January has been a great reading month for me! I’ve read/listened to 4 books, and all four of them have been 4 stars or higher in rating. I’ve become obsessed with the Howl series by Diana Wynne Jones (if I counted the number of times i’ve reread those books, I’d be at 8 books for the month instead of 4, haha!). I’ve only given up one book, and I feel GREAT about that. 😀

  2. January has been a phenomenal reading month so far! I’m zooming right along with my goals/challenges and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  3. January has been going well enough, except I’m reading Dickens and finding that I don’t enjoy him all that much. And I feel like there’s something wrong with me for it. Thanks for the link to the spreadsheet – I keep track of my reading challenges on my blog and I keep up with my general reading on Goodreads (it’s what it’s for!)

  4. I usually track my reading on Goodreads. I don’t pay attention to page count but just keep track of the titles as well as genre. I’ve had a slow start with reading this year. I meant to read Friday evening after work but watched a movie instead. I also meant to read yesterday but didn’t get around to it because I watched Downton Abbey instead. So far I’ve only read one book this week and 5 books total for the month. I usually average 10 a month. Oops! At least I know this upcoming week that I have to read 2 books for the book discussions I lead. My meeting is January 31st so I better read fast!

    I hope you have a great day.

    1. I think that is the difference for me this year Christina – usually in the winter I watch episodes of Gilmore Girls and LOST in the evenings…. but this year I have not watched a lot of tv. In September we put a comfy recliner in the small upstairs living room which I enjoy curling up into in the evenings, the TV with the DVD player is downstairs int he family room and it seems like a lot of work to haul me, my blanket, my laptop, coffee… down there 😛

  5. I can’t believe it’s almost February! Where has the time gone? January has been an OK reading month for me. Lots of different stuff, kind of a mish-mash!

  6. I have a Works document where I track books purchased, reviewed, read…but I also have pages on Curl up and Read where, in addition to tracking, I link to my reviews.

    So far, January has been good and I’ve even finished a chunkster that has been on my TBR stacks for quite awhile (627 pages).

    1. BTW…I just got an e-mail that Picnik is closing in April….have you discovered any other great photo editing sites? They mentioned Google +, but so far, I haven’t liked that site.

  7. What I notice with my reading is that I get sidetracked with being on the internet. TIme I would have spent reading is spent goofing off. That said I think I read 9 books this month.

  8. January has been an amazing reading month for me! I have read a total of 17 books so far and have enjoyed most if not all. I am keeping track of what/ how many books I’ve read on Goodreads. It works really well!

  9. I rarely have a dream so vivid as yours, Sheila. Interesting!
    January has been a good reading month. So far I’m at 7 with over a week to go that number will increase. I keep track via the Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge. Each time I mark a book read it is added to the 2012 total. Easy-peasy 🙂
    Have a good week!

  10. January has been an okay month so far, as I think I’m on point to meet my reading goals. I don’t track page count or genres, just number of titles read, and I use Goodreads for that.

    Maybe your dream means you’re missing your boys now that they’re grown and out of the house, and want to add another child to the family?

  11. So… when I do sleep, I’m a dreamer. A vivid dreamer that has forced me to be very selective with what I read. I have fallen from my ‘broom’ in a quiditch match! I don’t recommend it :). I also get nightmares and just really strange dreams. I appreciate yours, ha!

    I’m having a great reading month, it helps that I was on vacation with a long flight. I think I have read 6 books this month, no audio!

    1. LOL – a quiditch match Mari??? Now I am just jealous!!! 😀

      Nice job on the reading this month. It’s when I get the chance to really read, not the five minutes here or there but really get into a book – I remember how much I really enjoy it. 🙂

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