Morning Meanderings… SATURDAY!!! SATURDAY!!!

Good morning!  It’s been awhile but today is a true day off!  Meaning…. no big “to do’s” other than the things I chose to do 😀  And that – is exciting. 

My plan today is stay curled up in this blanket for the next 30 to 45 minutes and write this post here… and one for Team Kickin It as well.  Then I am going to get ready to go to a Zumba Class with my friend Amanda. 

After that I need to pick up some dinner items as we are having a special dinner tonight for Navy son as this is his last night here before he goes back to Florida tomorrow.  I know he is sad to go back, but I am thinking he has to miss the nicer weather.  (Minnesota has become COLD!) 

I also want to pick up a couple of movies on books I have finished recently – Winter Bone and Into The Wild.  Tonight… I may just movie up… I haven’t watched a movie in quite a while.

I do have a few pics to post today from the last week for Saturday Snapshots from Alyce’s Home With Books. 

Brad (Navy Son and I)
Al (Hubby) and Brad (Navy Son)
Justin (College Son) and Brad (Navy Son)

Last weekend was the first time the four of us were all together since Christmas 2010.  Brad’s  schedule has been crazy since he has been home, visiting friends, catching up, and during the week days helping at the Recruiting Office.  We had Christmas with Brad and then all went out to dinner. 

Then… on Thursday of this week my four female cousins and I went out to dinner.  My cousin Cheryl started putting this together and it is nice as we didn’t even hang out like this when we were kids. 

Left: Cheryl, Leslie, Lorri, Joyell, and me

It was an awful picture…LOL, but we will work on it.  We have plans in March so hopefully we will not all be lined up against a wall in a diner… 😛  I really wanted to capture a pic of us all together because it is rare, and I know how important pictures can be.

Have a great day!  I am off to get ready for the gym!  Zumba here I come!!!

Note to Alyce:  I am not sure if my comments are showing up at At Home With Books.  I commented yesterday on your I’m Back post and today on the Saturday Snapshot one as well.  🙂  When I comment it takes me to a blank page.

43 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… SATURDAY!!! SATURDAY!!!

  1. I am a photo FREAK! You wouldn’t believe how many nights I sit on the couch and look through my photos and smile at all the wonderful times we have had, and wipe away tears when I see photos of loved ones I have lost. My mom hates having her picture taken (I’ll admit I do too) and most of the pictures I have of her are with her hand in front of her face. The other day I had to get stern with her and explain that someday her grandchildren will NEED this connection to her.

    1. Good for you Angie – I am the same way – when you have experienced loss, you know how precious those pictures are. I always try to take pics when we have family get togethers and my Uncle does the “hand over his face” thing too…

  2. Enjoy your day off and the time remaining with Navy Son! Pictures are important, and I love that Angie had to get stern with her mom! Moms can be funny that way! 🙂

  3. Great pic of the sons, and what handsome boys! Enjoy your dinner tonight and your day off.

    (I had a problem with the comments at Alyce’s blog too. Uncheck the OpenID ‘authenticate’ box and then you can post.)

  4. Lovely pictures, Sheila. I always love hearing about bloggers families and your boys and hubby are so nice looking. I know you’ve been glad to have your sons home.

    By the way, I’ve been having struggles with commenting on some blogs too. And getting that blank page thing – only occasionally. Not sure what the commonality is or if Blogger is having more issues. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. And, I think Alyce’s blog is down completely right now. I can’t get to it anyway.

  5. Great pictures of your family!! Your son has such a baby face to be a big bad Navy guy! (wink!) Tell him thank you for his service from me!!

  6. Ah, a true day off is so refreshing. I’ve been waiting for this one all week long. The only problem is that they go by so quickly!

    Hope you’re getting the most out of yours! =)

    1. It does pass quickly Megan! I ran my errands this morning, worked out, cleaned the kitchen, and did laundry…. now I am warm and cozy in my favorite recliner but in a couple hours I need to start preparing the dinner for Brad tonight. 🙂

  7. I’m glad you had such a great time with your son being home! The tradition with cousins looks like a lot of fun! I didn’t have any cousins growing up. (Which sounds odd, but as an adult I do now have a couple of cousins because we found my mom’s birth family. I haven’t met them yet though.)

    1. Oh how cool about the new cousins Alyce! My mom had found her fathers side of the family and half sisters and brothers the year before she died… unfortunately the relationships were not established yet and I sadly lost track of them.

  8. Great pics — it’s terrific that you had such a nice visit with your son.

    Winter’s Bone is a terrific book! Have a good weekend with your books.

  9. The thing about getting one’s photo taken is that someday the photo will be important. My sisters used to grumble, but now they’re in on the photo shoots with their own camera. I’m a scrapbooker and so I like taking photos besides the pleasure of getting a good photo.

  10. I love seeing how children resemble their parents. And yours do 🙂 I”m sure you’re having a nice time tonight. I love that you get together with your cousins. Great idea.

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