Morning Meanderings… The Joy Of Books

Good morning!  😀

Is this weekend moving fast or what?  I had a few free hours yesterday afternoon and today is spotted with activity…. church in the morning… an early afternoon workout…. Floor Hockey starts tonight at 7…

I am basking this morning in the quiet of the house in the en minutes I have here before I need to start moving.  Hello COFFEE CUP.  😛

After such an activity this past week I am looking forward to a little book time.  I want to finish The Future Of Us today (its good…. real good…) and hope to start on Ellen Degeneres’s Seriously I am Kidding by later afternoon.


What is it about them that brings us such joy?  Is it the escape, is it living in someone else’s world for a while?  I don’t know but I absolutely love my time spent in books.  AND I get excited when I see others reading as well.  College son started reading again and after we celebrated Christmas with Navy son last night, College son found a $25 Amazon gift card laying on his Kindle last night.  I know he can’t afford to be spending money on books and I am more than happy to feed that habit.  😀

My friend sent me a video yesterday about books… I thought it was rather cool:

I hope you find some bookish time in your day!  😀

30 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The Joy Of Books

  1. I love that video! It has been making the rounds at the library too. I hope you have a great Sunday and find plenty of reading time this week.

    I think it is wonderful that your son has rediscovered his own joy of reading and that you are encouraging him in that 🙂

  2. You should make sure your son knows about the daily deal for kindle. They have one book a day that is reduced to, usually, $.99. They seem to mix up the genres so at least some of the days it should work out to be something he is interested in. Have fun today!

  3. Great video! And I know exactly what you mean about getting excited about other people reading too. I think I may become a bit overwhelming to those who start reading and let me know though; I suddenly want to talk to them about every book in existence. 🙂

  4. I just finished reading the first Stephanie Plum book (One for the Money), which will be out at the theaters by the end of the month.

    I don’t usually download and read a book in the same week (or day!), but I wanted to read it before the movie.

    Henry’s Sisters is another download that I’ll be reading very soon. Thanks for the heads up!

    BTW…I’ve been commenting on your Kickin’ It site, and none of my comments are showing up. Spam folder?

    1. I read that book forever ago Laurel but forgot it was going to be a movie – thanks for the reminder…. I will have to give the book club a heads up – they want to do more “books to movies” this year. 😀
      One For The Money was a fun and quick read.

      Thanks for letting me know about Kickin It….. I will check on that. 😀

  5. that’s sweet that you are able to add to your son’s book collection with a gift card. Great video. I’m definitely going to check out Henry’s sisters after reading your review sounds like a great story.

  6. Ellen’s “The funny thing is” was my first audiobook ever and I listened to it every morning will walking on the treadmill at gym 😉
    I didn’t even know she had a new one out!
    I agree I love it when I see others read as well. It’s not for everyone I know that. In the family I come from it was and still is only me who is a reader 😉

  7. I posted this same video on my blog a few days ago. Don’t you just love it? For me books are an escape, an opportunity to travel the world, to see it through another’s eyes; to experience life as I wouldn’t otherwise have the guts or opportunity to do so. It’s a whole other world that I gladly embrace each time I pick up a book!

  8. Just started reading your blog. Now I look forward to opening my email and seeing what you have to say! So refreshing to listen to likeminded women! Your energy exhausts me!

  9. Love that video! Such a fun idea, but must have taken hours to make. And yea for your son getting back into reading! I keep trying to get my niece and nephews hooked, but no luck so far. Thank goodness nephew #1 married a reader! 🙂

  10. The men in my family are not readers at all despite my best attempts to convert them. So when my son DOES read a book I will read it as well so we can discuss it together. Some of them have definitely not been my style, but it’s a small sacrifice to pay 🙂

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