Morning Meanderings… I Fell Off The Blog Wagon

Whoa!  Where did I go? 

That was an unplanned lapse in blog time this week.  On Monday I took out little dog Bailey to the vet to have a growth looked at.  It was pretty nasty and growing rapidly.  They scheduled surgery for him for Wednesday.  Then Tuesday I had the best of intentions of putting a review post up and just never got there.  A busy work day, then cooking and cleaning for my book club and finally crashing to bed around 10 pm. 

When I woke up Wednesday morning it was already after 7 am, and I had to be to work at 8 am – and get the dog to the vet for his surgery.  I did not even open my laptop as I ran for the door. 

After a ten-hour work day, followed immediately by 3 hours of volunteer time, I came home at 8:30 pm… wiped out again.  I knew this would be a crazy week … but wowza, I didn’t know it would take such a tole on me. 

Bailey’s surgery went well and hubby brought him home around 4:30 pm.  I did not see him until I came home late, and then seen his “cone head” that he has to wear for the next two weeks while he heals. 

Tonight after work Navy son (SSSQQQUUUEEE!!!!) and his best friend Andy are joining us for dinner.  We are having what I call “Honduras hotdish” as that is where I got the recipe.  It will be nice to hang out with them both – and I sooooo look forward to it. 

This also puts me one day closer to the end of this busy week.  😀

Be sure to come by later today for my Bookies book club review of Henry’s Sisters.  Hint:  we had a little fire and burned something in honor of this book.  Funny thing is, this is not our first fire.  😛

12 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I Fell Off The Blog Wagon

  1. I wondered where you’d disappeared to…lol. It’s payback for vacation. Extra busy stuff that follows any time away.

    I remember those cone heads with the cats….they hate them!

    Hope you catch up…and catch your breath. I’m looking forward to the review of Henry’s Sisters, which really looks good to me. And, of course, the story of the fire….

  2. Little Bailey looks like he has a halo. Very cute but I know dogs hate wearing them.

    I don’t know how you carry on in a normal (for you) week, so I can certainly understand your absence. Life does tend to get in the way.

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