Morning Meanderings… Book Cravings


Good morning!

*Takes a big drink of COFFEE*

Day three of my vacation is here and it feels like it is going so FAST!  I guess it is, considering tomorrow afternoon I leave for the cabin with 4 of my friends for a Cricut weekend and will be back Saturday evening and then Sunday Navy son will be home for a couple weeks! 

Each week as I travel the blogesphere I am bound to stumble across some books and reviews that really speak to me and put a book on my radar. This week has certainly been no exception.

Have you seen this book around?  I have a couple of times and it draws me in and then I lose track of it, but Shan from Curled Up With A Good Book and Cup Of Tea wrote a review that made me pop this one on to the wish list! 


Lauren Oliver is an incredible writer and this is another book I hear low and positive murmurs about – yet this week I read a review of Liesl and Po at April Good Books and Wine and knew I had to get my hands on a copy!


I can always count on Nise at Under The Boardwalk to give out good audio recommendations.  She does that here with Iron House.  This is a book I have considered for a while now but never really committed one way or the other.  Nise’s description of the narration of Scott Sowers becoming a favorite of hers sealed this deal!  😀


Yesterday I had a wonderful day of writing, a great work out (see below) and ended my day finishing up our book club book for next week, Henry’s Sisters by Cathy Lamb.  This is going to be an incredible review! 


Work out update… Monday I had went into the YMCA and used the treadmill and elliptical for 661 calories.  Yesterday I went in again and as I was finishing up, a friend came in and I stayed while she worked out too..another 1,500 calories. 2161 now for the week/year!

Also – Mari, at Bookwork with a View challenged me to a push up challenge… 100 a day.  I agreed and managed 40 yesterday.  LOL… I meant to finish them, but honestly forgot… 😛  Stop over to the new Team Kickin It blog to see todays post… Wednesdays are going to be healthy recipe days and I have a yummy one for you!  😀

16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Book Cravings

  1. I started reading MWF Seeking BFF a few days ago and so far am liking it. No time to read much today though, have to clean out my office for a little remodeling project. So today it will be audiobooks! An of course my 1 to 2 mile walk.

  2. I like the look and sound of MWF Seeking BFF…sometimes it’s very hard to hang onto BFFs, as changes take us to different locations and we lose connections along the way.

  3. Liesl and Po was really great. I’ve got to get my review up since it was a 2011 book! You will really like Iron House! I highly recommend You’re Next by Gregg Hurwitz too ;o).

  4. Sounds like you are enjoying your time off. It’s a brilliant idea to take the time off after the holiday’s. I need to find time to get organized!

    Push up challenge: I must have miss spoke :)… I meant let’s challenge ourselves to work towards a goal of completing 100 pushups without stopping! I did 24 yesterday… I can feel it today. My husband tells me to do them everyday, promising I will get strong enough to do 100+ by May. Still interested? We will surely be strong for TM!

    Enjoy your crafting weekend at the cabin!

    1. LOL – thank God about the push ups! I thought you meant 100 a day. I did a set of 20, took a minute or two and then 20 more. I meant to try again later in the day but forgot 😀

      Today I just returned from group power (weight lifting) and then tried to do a few after class… I got in 20.

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