Morning Meanderings… an exciting Blog Unveiling!

Good morning!  Day two of vacation!  I drank nothing but tea for the past few days…no idea why – but the coffee is back on today. 😀 

Yesterday I spent much of my time writing and prepping my notes.  It was a productive day.  When I took a break in the afternoon I spent my time on a little project I have been tossing around in my head….

Because I want to work out more intentionally going into (and throughout) 2012 and BECAUSE there are a group of you who feel the same way I present…

Team Kickin It

(Insert SQQQUUUEEEEEE here) I am actually a little excited about the above adventure so please allow me a little gushing here. 😛  Team Kickin It will be a blog for the work out side of those who care to venture in.  I hope to create a space where we can share tips, ideas, healthy recipes, goals, etc… your input and ideas are welcome. 

No matter what is going on in my life I want to create a healthy balance between that and taking care of me.  Feel free to join me by going to Team Kickin It and clicking on the follow by email button.  This will ensure you receive an email every time the site is updated. 

Oh and currently… there are no comments as this is the big unveiling, so I hope a few of you can pop in over there and help me welcome in new habits to 2012!!!  😀


In bookish news… I have a review coming later of Folly Beach by Dorothea Benton Frank.  I am working in a bakery within the pages on Henry’s Sisters…. I am enjoying an awkward invite to Thanksgiving dinner in Boo, arguing with Patch in Crescendo, and searching the train compartment by compartment in the delightful audio of Murder On The Orient Express. 

I hope your day starts off wonderfully and continues to gain momentum from there 😀


14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… an exciting Blog Unveiling!

  1. Have a good day, Sheila.

    We are battling high winds here in the UK.
    I was dodging wheelie bins on the school run this morning.
    We are quite lucky here, but up North is very bad.


  2. Happy New Year, Sheila! It’s very cold and windy here so we’re happy we don’t have to go anywhere. Good day to stay inside and read. Hope your fitness project goes well. I just ride my new exercise bike regularly so I’ll be ready when spring arrives to work in the yard.

  3. Good luck with your exercise goals-I have been suffering with a cold since Christmas eve-so needless to say-my only exercise has been going up and down the stairs in my house.

  4. Good luck with the exercise blog! I look forward to following you in your training for TM!!! I need the motivation 🙂

    Are you interested in a TM Challenge with me to help us train? 100 consecutive push ups (knees or no knees… as long as it’s super challenging for you)…. mine will be on my knees. I’m taking my starting benchmark today.

    1. HI Mari – SWEET! I need the motivation too… is our push ups a daily challenge? And uh.. yeah, mine will be on my knees too…. I have never been strong enough to do more than a few straight legged. 😛

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