Morning Meanderings… CONFESS IT! Where Are They???

Good morning! 


Had a pretty full day yesterday, but a good one too… work, hanging out a bit with College son before he heads back to Mankato, went to the gym, had a missions meeting, and dragged myself home to read a bit.  Today I have a full work day as I am off from work after today until the 9th of January.  I rarely take time off just for the sake of doing it, but I need to get some writing done, and then mid January I will go to full-time while our office manager has her baby.


As I was flipping through my year in review recap, I seen a couple posts I had early 2011 that were kind of fun and I think worth repeating.  One was the “Where are they post?”

last year i did a post where you had to say where your books were and how many… this was for us to share the number of books that are lying around our homes in places other than boxes or shelves… for instance here is what I seem to have going on as I do a quick count:

kitchen table:  8 books

kitchen counters:  2 books

upstairs living room recliner:  4 books

front room by rocking chair:  1 book

downstairs family room recliner:  3 books

bedside table:  2 books

decorative hall table:  1 book

Antique buffet table in living room:  12 books


GAH!  I think that about does it.  That is all the books I have that are not in the reading room on the shelves, or in boxes from book sales. 

How about you?  Does your home show you are a reader?  😀



 elliptical on Monday:

 450 calories

 tread mill and elliptical on Wednesday:

 650 calories


28 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… CONFESS IT! Where Are They???

  1. My word, yes. My house is a big house. Books make me happy. I can always look up and see there is more happiness in another book to read.The happiness never runs out. I see it all around me. It’s what makes my apt. special.

  2. I just did a quick count of the books that are not in the bookshelves. There are about a dozen books on the bureau next to my bed, about a dozen more on the desk in my bedroom, 1 on the coffee table, 2 lying on the couch, and 16 books on the table next to the couch. Wow. I probably shouldn’t have counted. Now I feel the need to straighten up. 😉

  3. Oh, my books are so organised. Or maybe that’s me. What’s being read is on the sofa/coffee table or beside the bed (one book that travels through the house with me). The other books are all on shelves (even those that I’m in the process of reading but just not this moment).

    So boring! I love it how you have books every where in the house.

  4. So I watched the Tough Mudder video on your blog yesterday and was intrigued… I went to their website and found several events near me. After mentioning it to my husband, he said “a few of the guys on my team do this every year. I bet we can put together a team”.

    So I haven’t signed up yet… but I’m hoping to participate in the May 12/13 event in PA (90 minutes from here). If that one fills… there are several ‘not released’ locations to choose from.

    I have NO uppper body strength… this will be a great motivator for me!

    I will blog about this next checkpoint update but wanted you to be the first to know. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  5. ps: I have books everywhere in my home. Staged though… my running collection is on a shelf in the workout room, my yoga/meditation collection in another area… etc.

    I don’t bring many new books into my home since moving here, mostly because I have an ereader (and NetGalley).

  6. Esme

    where are they-coffee table 1
    side table 3
    luggage unpacked in hallway 4
    a fake built in desk 3
    front door as I opened enveloped from mail 4
    bedside table 3
    floor next to bedside table 4
    fireplace in bedroom 2

    For everything else there is mastercard

    (could not resist)

    in fact i am up early, because i came home sick and have to work today and said I would finish unpacking the suitcase.

  7. Oh, I love posts like this one!

    I have stacks of books on my office coffee table, presumably “up next” books; several more on top of the office bookcase (after the “up next” books); and Old TBRs, now, finally on their own shelf in my bedroom.

    As for books I’ve read already, I have three bookcases in the hallway; two in the living room; five in the dining room; one in the bathroom; four in my bedroom (in addition to the TBRs); a bookcase in my office and a bookshelf, too.

    Are you sorry you asked? lol

    Have a great week off!

  8. Oh gosh, my house definitely shows I’m a reader. There are 4 books beside me on my coffee table, 2 on the dining room table, my bedside table has about 6 sitting on it, and one beside me on my couch and then there’s the bag full waiting to go downstairs that have been coming on the mail

    Hope ypu have a relaxing time off and get what you want done!

  9. I’ve got books all over the place too (especially if you can the rest of the family’s books). 🙂 Mine are – 2 next the to desk, four plus my kindle on the coffee table, five next to the dining room book case, a bag full in the closet from the library, and one on my sewing basket.

    1. Homes without books are just frightening Alyce 😀 I think there is just something about knowing you are in a readers home… honestly, I think we have amazing imaginations, and make great conversationalists. 😀 (I may be bias…)

  10. Books are my friends, they are everywhere. I try to keep them corralled in my office but often a few escape. There is one on the kitchen counter, a few on the dining room table, a few more “decorating” the tables in the living room, and library books are on the guest room dresser.

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