Morning Meanderings… are you up for a little challenge?

Good morning!

Is anyone else getting pumped up for the New year?  I really am!  I have my first book of the year all picked out (that… is another post 😉 ) and I am ready to jump into a clean Where Are You Reading Map… but mostly I am looking forward to getting back in fighting shape and hopefully kicking a little booty in 2012.

I used to blog quite a bit about my work outs and what I was doing to keep fit.  Through emails and comments many of you let me know how much you appreciated that and how motivating you found it to be.  Of course, that just inspired me to write more.  😀

Then after I got hurt in June, I stopped two things I love – Group Power (weight lifting) and Kick Boxing.  I still had bike rides happening so I was doing a little something… but that all stopped in September and I have been pretty much stagnate since.  Not cool. 

I really want to make 2012 exceptional.  I completed a lot of bike rides (one 50 mile one in a cast) and hope to do even more this coming year.

So training for me…. starts right away. And of course, you are invited to join me.  😛  I will be updating you here each Tuesday morning going forward with calories burned, and what I did to shake it up.  I will be linking my post over at Mari’s Checkpoint meme at Bookworm With A View.  Mari is someone who inspires me so I am hoping between what I am doing here and what she is doing there will keep me on track. 

So what am I working for?  Many things…regained strength, muscle tone, and weight loss.  My big challenge will be May 19th.  Myself and three of my good friends are signed up for this:


Yup.  I have work to do….

If you are interested in staying motivated to be sure to sign up over at Mari’s Bookworm With A View Checkpoint meme/  You can also leave me a comment here letting me know you are interested in keeping up with goals and posts…. I have an idea brewing but need to think it through a bit more.  😀



 I blew the 20,000 calorie challenge but am starting again in January….

24 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… are you up for a little challenge?

  1. Congrats on renewing your mojo! You are inspirational in your many pursuits toward your best and strongest self.

    Healthy pursuits are to be admired and emulated!

  2. Good for you, Tootsie! I admire your motivation and enthusiasm. First book of the year? hmm . . . that reminds me to go search one out! Enjoy yours !

  3. I’m going to start doing the meme next week – and I love reading the book posts & fitness related … I’ve been slacking on the fit posts myself since I’ve been slacking on the fitness – but I’m back 🙂

  4. I’ll have to look at that, I’ve been toying with the idea of signing up for a half marathon at the end of April. I started running this summer and I’ve been doing 5K’s to keep myself motivated. I have my first 10K on Superbowl Sunday, but I think I could do a half now. Last week my long run was 9 miles, so adding on 4 more doesn’t seem so daunting now. I’ll stop on over and see about signing up for the challenge. Daily mile has been great for keeping track of the miles for me and keeping me honest!

    • I try to surround myself with work out buddies – they keep me motivated. This is the hardest time of year for me because I can not bike or rollerblade…. two of my favs….

  5. We recently got an exercise bike with monitor, lots of settings, etc. and I’m enjoying feeling fitter as a result. I used to walk for exercise but between gas company trucks, quarry trucks, and increased traffic of all kinds, that just isn’t possible on our road anymore. Rather than count on driving somewhere to walk, the bike is so much easier. I know you’ll enjoy your training program.

  6. Go, Sheila! You can do it! I want to get in shape next year too. I don’t want to lose weight, just tighten up what I have. 🙂 Maybe I’ll join the challenge too.

  7. I’m up for a challenge! I am quickly falling out of shape and that just won’t do. For 20 years I walked several miles a day (week days) from the train to my office. Now that I’m not working in the city I’m not walking on a regular basis and I can really feel the difference. That needs to change. My goal is to walk a mile or more 5 days a week. Now I need to stay motivated.

  8. Ah, I need to read more posts like this…I’ve been so very lazy this month but today is actually my second day without chocolate and that’s saying something.
    Looking forward to 2012, more exercise, less sweets and lots of motivation!

  9. You are inspirational to me too, Sheila, and so is Mari.

    I think keeping track of calories burned is a good idea. I should do that, so I can, in my own little way, try and better myself each week.

    Good luck with getting back to serious exercise. Hope you’ll find a class or two that you enjoy, too.

    • Thanks Judith! I went to the gym with a friend yesterday to do the Group Power class but it had been cancelled – so we used the tread mill and elliptical instead and had a great time.

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