Morning Meanderings… WHA? Where did 2011 go???

Good morning!  Happy After Christmas!  (Really though… isn’t it?)  I mean the rush is over….  no more shopping for that (hopefully) perfect gift.  The parties, the gift exchanges, the food (oh – dont get me started on the food…. “Hello gym membership?”  :razz:)

I for one am happy to be basking in the aftermath… enjoying a snow free (SSQQQQUUUEEE!!!!) winter so far here in Central Minnesota, enjoying the down time of the season and some good reading time.  😀

Besides my lovely Cricut and cartridges from my hubby, I also received an assortment of gift cards to some of my favorite stores.  I have a lovely coffee mug from Caribou Coffee, a gorgeous engraved wine stopper, a beautiful friendship sign, gloves, a book safe, and of course…


My College son plucked a couple titles off my wish list on this blog and under the tree I found this:


I have so much to do these last few days of 2011… my year in review post will go up with week (it has been a good reading year!)  Recap of the challenges… the good, the bad, the ugh…. the two challenges I am hosting as well as….

a fun third one too 😀  Hint… it will work well with Mari at a Bookworm With A View‘s new weekly Checkpoint.  😀

24 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… WHA? Where did 2011 go???

  1. Yes, so many loose ends to tie up…I started doing challenge wrap-up posts yesterday…and today I created my Favorite Books of 2011 page (at Curl up and Read).

    I like that this year I chose to put challenges and many bookish events, like Books Read, Books Purchased, etc…..on the one blog.

    Much easier…

    And yes, I can’t believe the year is almost over! I’m a little nervous when a new year begins….so many possibilities!

  2. I am so glad Christmas is over. Today I have packed away all my Christmas CD’s and movies. Ornaments can wait another couple of days, and a new bookyear awaits:-)

  3. I know! It still feels like September! Crazy! 😀

    I’ve been curious about that Future of Us book – cant’ wait to hear your thoughts!

  4. It seems like yesterday i was saying, “I can’t believe it’s summer already”. Yow! At least this year was better than last year and hopefully next year will be better still. Happy New Year, Sheila!

  5. It seems there so much work before Christmas and then it’s all over in an instant. We’re going to enjoy some after Christmas shopping today.

    • Nice! I didn’t do half of what I usually do for Christmas so it wasn’t too crazy other than the pre-parties…. there were A LOT this year. Enjoy the shopping Kathy 🙂

  6. I just looked over all my challenges for 2011 getting ready to do a wrap up post. I did not do as bad as I thought. I hope to get a book or two read this week.

  7. Neat gifts!! I want to read Seriously…I’m Kidding. Ellen is hilarious!

    I did awful on challenges in 2011. I’m going to make 2012 challenges a priority.

    I know you’re hosting the Where Are You reading challenge, but can’t think of the other one. Did I somehow miss that post? Can’t wait to see what the third is!!

    • Hi Vicki – yes I am hosting a Dystopia challenge, I linked to it on the Monday post and if I stay organized here yet today I will put it on the sidebar too 🙂

  8. Glad you got some of the items from your wish list!!

    Hope you had the merriest of Christmases and wishing you a wonderful 2012!

  9. Wait….2011 is almost over??? 😮

    Hope you enjoy The Future of Us as much as I did! I couldn’t put it down, and am now looking forward to reading all of the other books from Jay and Carolyn! Here’s to a great new year full of bookish delights!

  10. The Future of Us was a GREAT book-an easy read that made me chuckle with references to “friends” on facebook and “writing things about outselves” on facebook. 🙂

    I have a question- what is a booksafe and what is the size of yours?


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