Happy Accidents by Jane Lynch

At fourteen years old, Jane Lynch had a dream of becoming an actress.  She started sending out letters which, when anyone bothered to reply were kind rejections or advice giving such as, “get some professional training and look us up in five years or so…”

Jane however did not give up and as her book is titles, by a series of Happy Accidents, her dreams eventually did come true.  Jane’s story however is not without hardships. Jane suffered from anxiety and a lack of self-worth.  She felt unsure of herself and out-of-place in her own skin. 

This audio is pretty funny as Jane pushes her book at a book store:

proximity -you do not have to throw people away, you can decide how close you want to keep them.  Not everyone has to be a best friend  some can be good friends, and some can be acquaintances.

~Jane Lynch

Confession:  I have never watched Glee.  Ok, I have seen maybe a partial episode, but I have never sat down and watched it.  However, I did recognize and know Jane from other roles she had played… little roles that eventually led her to bigger roles.  (I am pretty sure she is the nurse in a Gilmore Girls episode but I can not find a you tube slip to back up that statement…)  She was for sure on Two and A Half Men, Julie and Julia, 40 Year Old Virgin, Criminal Minds, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, Friends, King of Queens, Gilmore Girls (Yes! I knew it!), and many more.

I wanted to listen to her book because 1. she is funny like a cross between Tina Fey and Ellen Degeneres and 2.  I really wanted to know more about her story.

I enjoyed Jane’s story very much, it just was not as humorous as I thought it was going to be.  While there are many funny moments (I do think I snorted at least once), it’s also a coming of age story, and a hard one at that as she worries about her sexuality, and an early fondness for alcohol. 

I enjoyed hearing about Jane’s life and how she came to be casted for Glee, which turned out to be the career move she needed to go mega star.  Her story interested me so much that now I think I need to start watching Glee.  😀

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16 thoughts on “Happy Accidents by Jane Lynch

  1. I think I’m the only person in the world who just doesn’t get why people think Jane Lynch is funny. I do have a sense of humor, but . . . Well, different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  2. Oh, I just remembered which GG episode she’s in! It’s in the first season when Richard is in the hospital. You’re right, she’s a nurse.

    I’ve only watched the first season of Glee and had to take it in small doses because it seems like each episode has virtually the same plot.

  3. I could picture listening to this. I’ve always enjoyed her before she hit it big on Glee. She is always in those Christopher Guest movies, which I love and adore. She deserves her success!

  4. I’d like to read this, too, Sheila. I enjoy memoirs and though I usually don’t read celebrity memoirs, this one sounds good.

    And you MUST watch Glee!! We are all Gleeks in our family – the show itself is very good, but the musical numbers are fabulous! Lots of fun. That show can make me cry and laugh all in one episode.

    Thanks for the review!


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