Morning Meanderings… UGLY Sweaters…

Good morning!  Happy Saturday. 😀
Last night I was at an Ugly Sweater party with Al.  We go to this party every year.  It is just a gathering of friends, good food and good conversation.. 

Usually I have a great picture to show you – but this time, it was not until after we left that I realized that no pictures had been taken.  I know, I know… I am usually so on this, but I think after a day of looking for a great sweater (KOHLS, Walmart, Bargains On 7th, and finally Good Will) I came up with nothing… I heard that recently there was a big Ugly Sweater gathering at the Casino and the top prize was $10,000 so I am guessing that all ugly sweaters had been taken.

So I came home and dug through a tote of sweaters I have in the spare room that I no longer wear and came up with a dark green kind of stretched out one and wore that.  Al wore the same one he wore last year. 

For Saturday Snapshots, here are the two previous years sweaters:

2010: I called this one "Lion King Extra"
2009: Al's sweater we referred to as "Old Yeller" and mine I called "The Wuzzle", truly something right out of Dr. Suess

Looking at these past two years I am a little bummed this year was not captured.  Hopefully I will make up for it next year.  😀

As for this Saturday… I have several books that are partially read that I hope to get a grip on finishing.  I also have a couple of reviews that I have been meaning to write for days and just have not found the time. 

What does your Saturday look like?  Any good books being read?  Any fun events?

34 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… UGLY Sweaters…

  1. I love your sweaters from both years! I remember last year’s, because I love those fuzzy things.

    I’m reading Dirty Secret, about compulsive hoarding. A cautionary tale for those of us who have rooms filled with treasures (including books!) lol Actually, as I tell my daughter, as long as we can move through the space with ease, there are no worries. And they are “collections,” not hoarded goods, as long as they are arranged attractively!


  2. LOL . . . those sweaters. Wow. Okay now my eyes hurt. Funny how back in the day I used to buy those and think how stylish and hip we were. gah! What a fun theme for a party.

  3. I think the Lion King one is my favorite. 🙂 I think yours are very tasteful compared to some I’ve seen. I don’t like the tacky cartoon type characters knitted into sweaters (snowmen, reindeer, etc.). Too many flashbacks to my bad fashion years of junior high I think.

  4. My husband mentioned having an Ugly Sweater Party, too, but I don’t know if I can pull it off before Christmas without a maximum amount of anxiety. I thought the sweaters had to be Christmas sweaters, but I see from your photos that they don’t which could eliminate some trouble. I think your fluffy sweater is very stylish! 🙂

  5. Ugly Sweater is a great theme for a party! I really love your Lion King sweater…I think that should win an ugly sweater prize!

    The theme can be altered a bit for the holidays and you could have the ugly christmas sweater party – there are some real doozies of christmas sweaters out there!

  6. Well, I think last year’s lion sweater would have been hard to beat anyway so it’s just as well you struck out. And if you do find matching ones…..poor Al! *L*

    I’m still working on catching up with my reviews, so think I better put off starting a new read. Have to work tomorrow, so probably won’t be a very productive weekend for me. At least I got several boxes in the mail this morning, so that’s something!

    Have a great weekend Sheila!

  7. Just catching up with posts from yesterday.
    Sat was a very busy day here. We re-arranged the living room to get the xmas tree up. Only 3 attempts to get the lights looking right 🙂

    Today the kids will decorate it.

    Have a good Sunday!


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