Morning Meanderings… Crafty kick off to weekend

Good morning!

Kick off to the weekend!  Last night I got together with a few friends and we crafted ornaments.  I did not get a whole lot done but this is what I did accomplish:

These are glass ornaments that you pour craft paint inside and rotate until paint covers
"Snow Globe" Thanks Carrie for this cute idea!

We only crafted for a couple of hours so I guess this accomplishment isn’t bad… but really the get together is always more about this:

Hanging with friends, chatting about life.... (Kate and Millie)
Just being together.... (Millie's FACE and Christy)

That is my contribution to this weeks Saturday Snapshots.  Stop on over to see Alyce and At Home With Books to see what everyone else has been up to this week in pictures.  😀

As for today… this morning I have a breakfast brunch I am attending for a group of volunteers I work with.  I am making and taking an Almond Pear French Toast casserole which – if it as yummy as it sounds, will grace this blog later today.  😀

Later I am hoping to do a bit more blog maintenance, and some reading of the several books I have going….

How about you – what adventures do you have planned for today?

35 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Crafty kick off to weekend

  1. I love the gold ornament that you made. This might sound like a weird question but what colors are you using on your tree? I color coordinate my tree so this year the ornaments are light blue, dark blue, and silver. My tree is white and fake. 😉

    1. Your tree sounds pretty! No color coordination here at all 😀 I have ornaments the kids made when they were young, ornaments my mom gave the boys, beautiful hand blown ornaments, fontaine people ornaments, etc…. I will put pictures up when I finally put the tree up 😀

      Oh and my tree is fake too… big and green

    1. Barb it was super easy – a canning jar,fake snow and a little cloth snowman bought at a craft store * we also had cloth reindeer, moose, and angels) You put some “snow” in the bottom of the jar, put your snowman in the jar on the snow – and then ribbon the lid or what ever you want to do on top.

  2. These are cute. I put up the artificial Christmas tree last night only to take it down-the cat has asthma so we do not do a real tree-well the artificial tree was defective and the cats started chewing the branches-I have never put up and taken down a Christmas tree in a matter of hours.

  3. I was planning on picking up some of those glass ornaments to decorate with the boys (they asked specifically for them) but chess club got cancelled right before I made it to that store so I had to rush back to the school to pick them up. And that’s been what my week was like in a nutshell. So today we’re making gingerbread houses instead.

  4. I love those ornaments and that snowman is so cute! It looks like you had a wonderful time.

    I have had a busy day so far but I still feel like I haven’t accomplished much. I went to a friend’s house last night for Shabbat (she is Jewish) and just got back this morning. Then I went to the bank, went to Hallmark to buy Christmas cards (I always end up spending at least an hour there every Christmas season!), and went to the grocery store before having a late lunch. My goal for today is to finish one more book, work on reviews, and vacuum my living room so I can put up the Christmas tree.

    I was planning to go to the craft store today but didn’t have the time. I will have to look for some clear glass ornaments. That looks like a fun project.

    1. I did not get as much done as I had hoped today but it was still a nice day… after the brunch I ran a couple errands, came home, chatted with hubby – and took a nap. 😀

      Now I am writing a review… hopefully reading a little too 😀

  5. I’m not sure what my plans are yet. Hubby is going night fishing with two of his friends in our boat, so he’ll be gone until tomorrow afternoon/late evening. I thought about going to a movie or shopping with my daughter, but will probably just stay in and read. I love alone time once in a while!

    Hope you have a great time today and I’ll be looking for that recipe. I’ve never heard of Almond Pear French Toast casserole but it sounds yummy!!

  6. I’ve done those glass balls too, except I painted on the outside of them. The ones I was taught, we stuffed in some cotton batting/balls and maybe some glitter too. Pouring in paint sounds like a neat background too. Maybe I’ll have to try that some time too.

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