Morning Meanderings… It’s Time To Play Catch Up

Good morning and happy Friday. 😀

I hope this day finds everyone well.  I am sitting here enjoying my second cup of coffee before I meet a friend at the gym.  This is good as this morning with the temp sitting right around 10 degrees…. I could just sit here, sip coffee, and hang out with you.  😀

Friends = motivation.

If you read my morning post yesterday I put myself on the same challenge my son is doing in the Navy… to burn 20,000 calories in 6 weeks.  I was pleased to see that some of you are doing this with me and I will make the button this afternoon.  I need the motivation…. 😀

And that is not the only thing I need to catch up on around here.  My side bar books are sooooo outdated… I want to update that today.  I also need to mail books today and if you have won a book from me and are waiting on it, this is totally my bad and I am sorry for the delay.  Today…. I am going to the post office and getting caught up.

I am also writing the three reviews I have to write, reading a bit and hopefully finishing one or two more as this weekend there is a little read a thon going on:

In other crazy news I had mentioned earlier this week that my hubby was going to be gone for 6 weeks, having taken a job North Dakota for a company….. uhh… yeah…. they hired too many people and finished the 6 week job in a week.  He is working there today and then making the long trek back home tonight and should be here some time in the wee hours of the morning.  Life….. is never dull.

Got to run but after the gym I will be back here and finishing up my review of Ready Player One….. it is going to be awesome.  😀

10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… It’s Time To Play Catch Up

  1. Oh, yes…life is always full of exciting new challenges!

    Your temperatures there sound really cold….

    Yesterday, we had horrific winds that knocked out power lines and thousands of homes in our city lost power. I was lucky…knock wood! And my power stayed on.

    But trees and houses were damaged, and I’m feeling sad about that.

    I have a skylight in my kitchen…and the panels kept dislodging. I’d hear a horrible sound, and go there…and yep! Panels down again!

    So that kept me busy…lol

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

    1. Yes, apparently this job has been going on for awhile and the state was getting on the company to get it completed. They hired all these extra trucks after they hired Al… a bit annoying as we had planned for him to be gone 6 weeks and it is a long drive for one week.

      OOH coffee….. be right over!

  2. Why do companies do that? My friends bf went overseas to help rebuild after some destruction and what was supposed to be a whole year job ended up only being a few months.

    Can’t wait to see your challenge button and read your reviews!

  3. The sun is shining brightly here today but boy is it cold! These are the kind of days when I like my “hermit” status! Stay warm and burn those calories!!!

  4. It’s great how friends get you motivated to do the things that are normally so tempting to opt out of when it comes right down to it. My gym friend had to work late this week, therefore no motivation for me! Hopefully we’ll be back to motivating each other next week. 😉

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