Morning Meanderings… Whats the next six weeks looking like

Good morning!  Happy Sunday!

This morning Al (hubby) is leaving for a job in North Dakota for 6 weeks.  It’s crazy – but it’s also good. Our business we own is pretty much shut down every winter from now until March.  This is a bonus job he is doing with a friend.

As for me… well… I am pretty independent so my plan other than work and working out (more on that tomorrow morning) will be reading and writing… the writing part really being something I have neglected for a while now. 

Today I am listening to Ready Player One and so in love with this audio!  I mean really – if you have any connection to the 80’s you will LOVE this, and please do yourself justice and go for the audio.  This is the best advice I can give you…. I feel currently that this is going to be the best audio I have listened to this year… pushing past some incredible audio!

I will be around today, catching up on the four reviews that I have yet to write…. reading for the INSPY’s and I don’t know… maybe watching a little Gilmore Girls.  😀

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  1. I hope all goes well on the job for Al.

    I read Ready Player One and loved it – now I wish I’d listened to it instead.

  2. Six weeks is a long time to be gone! I am glad you are enjoying Ready Player One–I really want to read it.

  3. You do enjoy your audio books, Sheila…I don’t know when or if I’ll jump on that wagon, but it’s awesome to see such enthusiasm!

    Enjoy your week.


  4. I always like it when HB goes out of town for awhile. I love me time. 6 weeks is a bit long, though. But it sounds like you’ll have lots to keep you busy.

  5. I haven’t heard of Ready Player One before, but I’m an 80’s kid so it sounds like it’s one for me to check out! 🙂 Thanks.

  6. I keep hearing how good the audio is on Ready Player One. I already read the book but I may have to listen to it too! I haven’t posted my review yet so I may do just that. Already a top 10 favorite of the year it can only get better.

  7. I loved the print version of Ready Player One. I’m glad the audio is good too. Happy listening!

  8. Where at in ND? Come visit me in Bismarck! 🙂 🙂 We can go to Barnes and Noble!!!

  9. Sometimes the chance to be alone in your house is such a blessing, you can get things done without worrying about others. Last year my husband worked out of town for 6 months and was home just for the weekends. I got so caught up with things during that time!

  10. Those times when my husband travels are always full of mixed feelings. I miss him but I try to convince myself that the silver lining is all that reading and tv time. 🙂 I loved Ready Player One but didn’t listen to the audio – sounds like I would have loved it even more.

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