Monsters Of Men by Patrick Ness

In this third and final books of the Chaos Walking Series Todd and Viola are coming into the biggest war of their lives.  This is not one of those series where you can pick up any book and start it… and get it.  No, you must know where Todd came from in The Knife Of Never Letting Go and how Viola came into the picture.  You must understand the level of sacrifice already given before you enter this world again in The Ask And The Answer…

The Spackle are more… more than one could have imagined and The Mayor…. well, will one ever fully figure him out?

Viola is working with The Answer, and Todd is working with … well, with The Mayor.  And The Spackle (wondering what a Spackle is… well, its not something you do to the walls…) are coming in as the third part to a war that we thought was two-part… but no, Ness would not make things as simple as that.

What do you do to save the place you have come to know as home?  What do you do to save the one you love?

And how do you look at all that is happening and not take it personally?

Yes.... you must read all three

Lets just put it out there.  I ♥ Patrick Ness.  It’s ok…. I told my husband too.  😀  I mean you know its bad when I get excited about the font in a book.  I do.  I did.  I still think it is brilliant and if you have read none of these books then you have no idea what I am ranting about but that…. needs to be corrected.

I am always shocked, appalled, and even thrilled by the courage of an author to do away with key characters.  In this way, Patrick Ness did not let me down in any of the three books.  My advice to new readers – don’t get attached to anybody.

Knowing that… imagine my fear page after page…. never knowing who was going to be wiped off the planet at a moments notice…. this sort of dystopia novel really can bring out the tingly feelings of anticipation, of fear, of the big…. WHAT JUST HAPPENED?  (And of course what I fondly refer to as “back turning”… when something happens that you are all like (NO WAY!) and you have to turn back a few pages to read that again and go there again…. only… to be shocked again.  (Mmmmm hmmmm…. it’s that good.)

I wish I could avoid this rambling and choppy review but I finished this book over a week ago as we landed in Honduras and without taking down a few notes on my thoughts (my bad…. my bad indeed) I left here a week and a half later hanging on to remnants of excitement but not sure where I felt them or how to share them with you. 

I can however say that this is the best trilogy I have read this year and I do not take series lightly.  If you are looking to end the year on a high reading note – I highly recommend you start on this series and then…. feel free to rant and rave here with me…. 😀

20 thoughts on “Monsters Of Men by Patrick Ness

  1. You have definitely piqued my curiosity about this trilogy. The titles alone are pretty captivating.

    I don’t know if I will read these books, but I’m slightly closer to leaning in that direction. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. As one that has read and loved, l.o.v.e.d. this series, I know exactly what you are saying. The short story of how Viola and her parents came to the New World is available free on Amazon!

  3. I loved this trilogy and thought the last book was superb, and I only had just one tiny nit-picky issue with it, otherwise it was perfection. Definitely a roller-coaster ride of a reading experience with those books.

  4. It is IMPOSSIBLE to not get attached to anyone in these books. I felt like I was attached to EVERYONE. I finished Monsters of Men just before Christmas last year, and then named the cookies we made with gingerbread girl & boy cookie cutters Todds and Violas.

    So glad you loved this series 🙂

  5. I’m beyond thrilled, you know that right?! It’s a definitely must read in my opinion as well, from the first through the last book. I mean, can you imagine not knowing who Manchee was? Ahhhh!

    And wow! Can you even believe that ending?! Ness has said he has zero plans to write anything more in the series too, so we really are left to our own imaginations as to where they all go from there. Loved it!

    Yay! So so happy you loved this series! 🙂

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