Morning Meanderings… what happened to yesterday (oh, and winners!)

Good morning and happy Sunday.  😀

I am sitting here… still coffee free (but not for long) wondering what happened to my yesterday.  I had plans… not big ones… but baby steps back into my life routine.  I was going to unpack (did not happen), I was going to do laundry (it made it to the washer)…

I was going to write reviews for the two books and one audio I finished while I was away this last week (instead I fell asleep in the chair).

At 3 pm yesterday Hubby Al came in the house and wanted to go out for supper…. right then as he had not eaten yet.  At 3 pm.  Supper.  I told him we were not 80 and he could wait at least until 4:30.  Then our friends Dan and Key called and they asked us to meet up with them so by 4:15, e were out of the house anyway.  It was a good night, had dinner with them and then went back to their house for a while to chat.

We came home, watched the Survivor episode I missed while I was away and then bed. 

Today – my agenda is wide open again and I am glad…. Monday will come soon enough.  😀



Yesterday I announced a one day comment for a bag of Honduras Coffee that I brought back with me.  This morning using I chose the winner and that was:

Truly Simply Pink


For Snowflower and the Secret Fan the DVD or Blue Ray winner is:

Kailana from The Written World

The book goes to:



The winners of the signed hard copy Laura Childs Skeleton Letters are:

Mary Preston

Carol Wong


Thanks everyone for entering.  I need to go get ready now… but I will be back later with a review, and tonight of course with Monday What Are You Reading. 

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  1. Ha-ha…had to laugh at you thinking about supper at 3:00 p.m., like us “oldsters.” My daughter makes fun of me for eating at 4:30 or so, but I remind her that I’m up by 5 a.m., having lunch at 11 a.m.; so 4:30 seems about right.

    But all of these aspects are probably part of being older…or I could say it’s “the early bird gets the worm.” Pun intended for those “early bird specials.”

    Have a great day. You probably really needed that nap, too, after your hectic week.

  2. We usually eat early. The kids are hungry when they get home from school and I get home from work, if they have a big snack they won’t eat much dinner or dinenr will be too late, so I often just make dinner for 4 or 4:30 and skip the snack. They can always have one later if they are hungry again. Restaurantes are less crowded and you don’t usually have to wait either, always a plus!

  3. Poor Al…the man was hungry! *L*

    Give yourself time to ease back into your normal life. Took me three days to feel my usual self when I came home from my last overseas trip, and I slept for one of them!

    Nice to have you back. 🙂

  4. LOL!!! I live in a town that is famous for what we call “Snowbirds”, which are people from up north who come down to Florida for the winter to escape the cold and snow. Our town population triples in the winter months, from about Oct. to after Jan. It’s very hard for those of us year rounders to get a parking space anywhere, store, restaurant etc. Especially restaurants, and especially around 3pm – 7pm because like you say, the older generation likes to eat early. A trip through town which usually takes a few minutes can take almost a half an hour sometimes. But, we love the snowbirds, and welcome them. They are a friendly bunch of people!

    Anyway, I have days like you had, I plan on doing lots but end up doing nothing. It’ll still be there when you’ve rested up!

    • You have the opposite of what we have Vicki 😀 Our big seasons are Summer and fall and our population doubles then for all the people coming to spend time at their cabins, the lake resorts, etc… like you it makes maneuvering the town difficult at times…. traffic is bad, beaches are over full….

  5. You are so funny, telling him you aren’t 80 yet…Oh, and I am so exited! I won the coffee! DO you need me to do anything? send you any information? Thanks so much!

  6. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with dinner at 4:00. Especially if you go to bed at 8pm.

    Evidently, we’re all set for our old age.

  7. Carol N Wong (@Carolee888)

    Sorry, I can’t remember do you need my address? I won Laura Childs ‘Skeleton Letters’ .


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