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Hi, I am Esme from Chocolate and Croissants.  My blog is a little about books, a little about my kitties and a little about food.  I am a huge collector of cookbooks.  What are my favorite genres;  I love memoirs, especially food memoirs, followed by historical novels and biographies.  I am always up for a good novel.  Sitting in bed reading cookbooks is always fun. 

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Sheila and I have known each other for two years now.  I still remember when she reached out to me and asked if she could use one of my posts on her blog.  I was quite honored that she would want to borrow one of my posts.  From there we left comments on each other’s blog and then shared a room in NYC at BEA in 2010.  My friends thought I was a little crazy to share a hotel room with someone I had never met.  I knew it would be great fun.

So Sheila has asked me to blog about my favourite book this year.  That is such a hard one.  What makes a book your favourite?  That is like asking me what my favorite pastry is.  I like them all for different reasons.
I am going to give you three favorites from this year.  They are all favorites for different reasons.  The one book I did not want to end was The Soldier’s Wife .  Set in Guernsey during WW11 I loved the story.  My favorite food memoir was Mama’s Homesick Pie.   The author followed her dreams studying cooking at the Cordon Bleu in France.  The book was so much more than her story as a chef.  It was about her family and the love for each other.  Author Adriana Trigiani wrote a beautiful tribute in Don’t Sing at the Table  to her grandmothers.  Don’t Sing at the Table tells the story of Viola and Lucia, two Italian immigrants.  This book is about these wonderful women and the lessons they passed on to their granddaughter.  
Please stop by for a cup of tea and tell me what your favourite book this year is.
* note from Sheila:  Esme is always tempting me with delectable recipes on her blog….  of the three books she mentions here I have read two… but sounds like I need to dig into Mama’s Homesick Pie as well!

6 Comments on “Esme Shares her Favorite Books Of The Year

  1. Esme, I absolutely adored The Soldier’s Wife as well. One of my few 5 star reads of the year!

  2. I’ve been wanting to read The Soldier’s Wife…and Don’t Sing at the Table. I’ve enjoyed other books by Trigiani.

    That photo of the desserts is making me hungry! LOL

  3. I’ll have to check these books out, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be reading Mama’s Homesick Pie!

    • I am okay with you just loving my cats and the pastries. Thank you.

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