Morning Meanderings… SO Much To Do….


Good morning! 

Here it is Thursday already.  I leave for the cities tomorrow afternoon to catch my plane Saturday morning for Tegucigalpa Honduras…. and while I felt prepared all week…

suddenly I feel behind.

I am looking around my home thinking I really should straighten that up, or I should make time to clean this or that…. and now my head is going you need to return library books, you need to go to the bank, you need to….


I think I am having a little pre trip anxiety.  I think I have hit that wall where suddenly my “have to’s” such as work today, feels like it is interfering with my time to plan the trip.  This of course is not true… it will take me about 30 minutes to pack… I do have a few things to pick up at Wal-Mart but can certainly do that tonight or tomorrow with plenty of time to spare.  🙂 

Anyways… none of this is really interesting in the least and other than reporting that I am still (STILL) reading Monsters Of Men… nothing happening here on the book front. 

Have an awesome day!

10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… SO Much To Do….

  1. I always get anxiety before a trip, despite the numerous lists and other “props” that supposedly alleviate that anxiety!

    And it’s the same for the trip home. Did I forget anything? Is my head attached? Ad infinitum.

    BTW…I e-mailed you my article…twice. And I also (once) attached the notes I had made from your e-mail (accidentally) to one of the e-mails. So between two correct attachments and one incorrect…well, two rights and one wrong!

    Increasing the anxiety much???

  2. We lost power for four days starting on Saturday and going until Tuesday and now I feel so behind on everything. Last night I had all these plans of what to get done and accomplished very little of it. Somehow what has to get done will get done. Have a good trip!

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