Halloween Weekend – signed Laura Childs Books Giveaway

Happy Halloween weekend all!  I am on a two-day “break” with some friends at our cabin but wanted to leave you with this fun giveaway.

My pal Laura who writes the Tea Shop Mystery cozies and the Scrapbook mystery cozies has offered me two personally signed hard copy editions of Skeleton Letters.  That my friends is sooooo SSSQQQQQQUUUEEEEE worthy 🙂

Check out the fun trailer:

To enter – simply leave a comment here with a fun Halloween tradition (past or present)

For a second (BONUS) entry…. become a follower by signing up for my email subscription on the right hand side bar and in a separate comment let me know that you did.  😀  If you are already a subscriber let me know that in a separate comment as well.

That’s it…. I will choose two random winners on Halloween and then send Laura the winners info and she will sign the books and mail to you personally.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

46 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend – signed Laura Childs Books Giveaway

  1. One of my favorite Halloween traditions from my teens was going to an old farm where the owners decorated one of the sheds into a haunted house. It was truly creepy and fun! We also had hayrides back in those days.

  2. I love Halloween. Dressing up is one tradition. But it’s also tradition for me to make a scarecrow head cake to take to school.

    I love this series and would just LOVE to have an autographed copy.

    Thanks so much for doing this give a way.

    bevarcher at me dot com

  3. mamabunny13

    I loved taking my children out for trick or treat when they were little and now I love passing out the candy so I can see all the cute costumes. My hubby and daughter watch scary movies together but I can’t watch them, I’ll have nightmares for months! lol
    mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

  4. diana mack

    halloween is my birthday (squee! and yes it is as fun as it sounds) so i always take off work and go to lunch, go to a bookstore and then browse goodwill. then i’m all set for the mostly adorable trick or treaters!

  5. That is one spooky trailer – especially for a cozy mystery! OK, my personal tradition (growing up) is a real showcase of the OCD-type me to come. I used to go through my candy and sort it out into piles and then plan to eat it in order of best-liked to ick. By the time I got to ick, my parents were gifted with the rest. LOL

  6. Karen B

    I decorate the house with halloween nick-nacks that I’ve collected for the past 50 years, including a light-up pumpkin that hangs in the window. I love seeing all the kids in their costumes while passing out candy.

  7. Laura H.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite Halloween tradition has to be trick-or-treating, first as a kid and then when I had my own kids. Nothing is better than “raking in the candy” when you’re a kid and then watching the expression on your own kids’ face as they peruse their stash!


  8. Love the trailer and would sure like to win the book. I used to live across the street from a family that hung a bat on their porch. Then the father would use a microphone in the living room to talk through the bat to the kids coming to the door. They would squeal and laugh, and run down the street to tell everyone else to go to that house. It was hilarious to watch from my upstairs apartment.

  9. Margaret

    A Halloween tradition is to make Halloween cupcakes with my kids. They are still quite young so the decoration is quite simplistic but they really enjoy it. I am a follower and subscribe via email. (I have had some trouble not receiving the email though) Thanks so much for the giveaway! Happy Halloween!


  10. blackwolf

    the dressing up is a favorite tradition.. thanks for the giveaway( is it international?)..

  11. Going trick or treating was my favorite thing about halloween when I was growing up and then taking the kids when they were old enough. Now it’s seeing the grandkids in their costumes.

  12. Our Halloween tradition is totally handing out candy to the kids. We watch scary movies and enjoy the little parade of costumes. 🙂


  13. Marjorie

    Well, I am retired and I love giving out candy to the kids that come to the door. I always try to give something that is a real treat because when I was a kid alot of the time it was just apples or oranges.
    (That was in the 50’s)
    There was 7 kids in my family and we used to even put our clothes on inside out if someone was giving out chocolate. I know it wasn’t right but we did it.

  14. Carol N Wong (@Carolee888)

    We hand out candy to the children but when i was a child, we always had Halloween parties at our house. I remember one time that my father bought a large box of doughnuts to go with the apple cider, A toddler grabbed the box when no one was looking and used them as stepping stones, mashing them into our carpet. On a happier note,
    everyone loved bobbing for apples.


  15. Patsy Hagen

    Our family tradition is to leave a big bowl of candy on our steps for the trick-or-treating kids who come by. We(my son and his wife and me) take my grandson out trick-or-treating. It’s fun.

  16. I’m definitely in the minority here as I have never liked Halloween. Didn’t like dressing up as a kid and was so shy that trick-or-treating wasn’t reallly fun. However, I do like candy! And I like Laura Child’s books. I’m currently reading one of the Cackleberry Club series since I’ve read all the tea shop and scrapbook shop ones. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the latest!

  17. Margie

    My husband’s birthday is close to Halloween, so we usually do some sort of celebration together. We always dress up when we give out the candy.

  18. Mine all revolve around movies. The three I have to watch are: it’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Hocus Pocus, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Disney version).

    I also love all the Halloween movies (not the remakes.)

    Hope you have a great time!


  19. As soon as I see all those pumpkins in the stores I start making pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie. And of course on Halloween day I like to pass out candy to the cute little trick or treaters.

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