Sleepers Run by Henry Mosquera

Eric Caine, a War On Terrorism veteran, finds himself in a hospital with no recollection of the car crash that put him there.  A missing persons report has been filed on him and that was 8 days ago!

Eric is feeling lost, confused, and alone when a chance encounter at a bar helps Eric gain a little perspective.  He relocates to Venezuela where he had spent his childhood and then things take a turn again as a catastrophic event threatens the stability of the country.  Eric now finds himself running for his life from a team of CIA assassins as he works to uncover a conspiracy that is nothings as it seems. 

I am not much of a terrorist/war/CIA/assassin/politics type reader.  Admittedly this book wasa bit of a genre stretch for me, yet I wanted to read and review it anyway.


Genre stretching is a good thing and I have found that sometimes a book out of my genre zone will grab me and if not for my willingness to stretch myself, I may have missed it. 

Take Sleepers Run for instance.  I did enjoy the action packed read and if ACTION is what you enjoy, Sleepers Run has it in spades.  There really is no release button as you follow Eric’s story from the beginning to the breathless end 345 pages later. 

Eric himself is a bit over the top as characters go…. picture MacGyver, Superman, Jason Bourne, Jackie Chan, and maybe a little Indiana Jones… all rolled into one character.  Yup.  Eric has moves.   While at times I found this almost humorous as I thought, “how will he get out of this one….”, it still kept me turning pages to see where it was all going.

Friend and foe alike are tossed in throughout this read and I honestly never felt connected to any of them, Eric included.  The book to me became more about the action and page turning then getting to know and care about any of the characters…. in the end, as I reflected on the read… I was not even sure that this was necessarily important.  Perhaps a different take than my normal reading style but not a bad one… just different. 

Fans of espionage type reads will probably get into this more than I did, but for this being a stretch for me… I was held enough to read through the book and enjoy it. 

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I received a copy of this book from

Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc.

4 thoughts on “Sleepers Run by Henry Mosquera

  1. yeah, not my type of read either but I admire your ability to try a wide range of book genres. Some blogs read and review on one genre, and that’s okay, that’s what some readers are looking for, but I like to see an eclectic collection. That’s what stretches my boundaries as well. There are so many books I would never have given a second glance at if not for book club and book bloggers!

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