Morning Meanderings… INSPY Awards

Good morning.:D
Sorry about the lack of “me” yesterday.  I just did not have any time whatsoever.  Tuesday night I wound up going to a Women’s charity event that I had forgotten I had agreed to go to months ago… while I went grumbling all the way and felt it went on later than I had hoped… I really did have a good time. 

Between that event and the fact that our 15-year-old shih-tsu has been having some heart wrenching breathing troubles at night… my sleep has been odd and sporadic.  I woke up yesterday morning after a pretty much sleepless night worrying about our dog, on ly to discover it was 7:30 am and I work at 8:00 am…

Uhhh yeah… no morning post.  When I came home in the after noon from work and had a book review post to write I instead fell asleep in the recliner.  GAH.

A couple of weeks ago I was selected to be a judge in the Inspy Awards under the mystery/thriller genre.  I am so excited to be a part of this!  The five books I need to read and review are:

Back on Murder by J. Mark Bertrand, Bethany House, July, 2010

Darkness Follows by Mike Dellosso, Realms, May, 2011

Digitalis by Ronie Kendig, Barbour, January, 2011

Over the Edge by Brandilyn Collins, B&H Publishing, May, 2011

The Bishop by Steven James, Revell, August, 2010

I am pretty excited (oops I said that already!) and hope that if you enjoy faith driven reads you will check out the entire list of books up for nomination at the Inspy site.  You can also see the other judges there .

In one more crazy thought for the day… remember when I lost Monsters Of Men?  Then I blogged about where I found Monsters Of Men?  Well…. when I blogged about it, I put the book back where I had found it so I could take the picture for the post.  THEN… I spent yesterday looking for the book AGAIN.  Guess where it was?  Yes – back on the shelf where I put it for the picture. 

Seriously…. who does this?  😛

18 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… INSPY Awards

    1. HI Patty, I dont think so. He is old and decisions have to made – which I have never done before. Right now we are just trying to keep him comfortable but really he has been with us forever…. this is so hard. 😦

  1. Hope your day goes well…you have a lot of books to read and review before voting!

    Hopefully they’re not all due this week….

    I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! I was planning to achieve so much more this week….sigh.

    Have a good day! And I hope the doggie feels better soon….

  2. Poor puppy…we recently went through a similiar situation with our two beloved kitties. Decision making is so hard. I had never experienced that before. Thinking of you.

    1. It is hard Jen… first time for me too. At night I just weep… why I never thought this day would come is beyond me. It is harder because I leave the country in a couple weeks here and I would hate for something to happen while I am away.

  3. Thinking of you and your little dog. Sorry. No wonder you fell asleep in the recliner. Actually I do that often even when I don’t have a sleepless night for an excuse. Good luck on reading those books for the awards.

  4. Hope your doggy gets better soon! My dog is getting older and the thought of losing her is really messing with my mind. I love her so much!

    We got the news last night that a dog we had given to my husbands cousin as a puppy died. Very sad!!

    1. My head is being messed with too Vicki… Elmo has been a huge part of our life for many wonderful years. We got him the year after my mom passed away and he filled such a hole in all of our lives…. to think of life without him is ripping me up.

  5. Ohh– I hope your pup is doing better. My Dad had three shih-tsus but lost the last of them a few months ago. Besides missing their sweet presence, it is a shame because walking the dogs helped him stay more active. Hmm- are you allowed to say what books you are judging? I just served as judge else where but we didn’t announce where or the books. I listed them on my Monday list as “undisclosed.” They were good too! Wished I could tell more about them. 🙂

    1. Thanks Martha. He is not doing better and I dont think he will… he has tumors in his throat and I think they are just getting bigger. He is too old to operate on… I have never had to make a decision like this before and it breaks my heart.

      The books i am judging I listed up above in the post – those 5 are the ones up for award. They are all listed on the INSPY website so I believe it is ok… (hee hee… I think it is…. )

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