Morning Meanderings… What To My Wondering Eyes Does Appear?

Good morning COFFEE people!  😛  Ok, ok, none coffee people too but really I figured only coffee people are up at the crack of dawn like we are all hopped up on caffeine….

(maybe…. that’s just me…)

On Thursday morning of this past week I was tearing through my home looking for my copy of Patrick Ness’ Monsters Of Men book to take to the cabin with me.  This search was to no avail and left me imaging all sorts of fates for the lost book:

1.  I had it on the table during our recent book club book sale and someone snatched it up for $1.00

2.  I used it for a prop to put my camera on during banned book week

3.  I had it is my car and somehow it fell out

4.  Last week Joey from the magazine article was over for a picture of the library and when I was straightening up, I placed the book in with the others (in this case…. forever lost…. ha ha)

5. Clearly someone broke into my home and stole it

So yesterday afternoon when I came home from work I wanted to read a bit but did not want to start the book club book… no I wanted my Monsters Of Men.  I did another search and then in the library I looked up where I keep all of my have read and am keeping book sets and there it was!



Crazy that I found it where it really should have been all along.  😛

This is not the first book I have lost…. last year I lost ROOM in mid-read which was awful.  Does this ever happen to you?  (I am secretly hoping it does so I am not alone in my bookish insanity….)  😀

26 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… What To My Wondering Eyes Does Appear?

  1. I posted once about losing a book I was reading while at the doctor’s office. Only I really did lose it. I set it down on the counter to pay for my medication, and apparently left it there. I called back on the way home, and it was already gone!

    To finish the book, I had to get it from the library, which meant waiting about a week. Talk about angst!

    I’m glad yours was safe and sound and that burglars didn’t break into your house and steal it! LOL

  2. I apparently left a book I had just started at a motel years ago. When I called, they didn’t have it, so I’m not sure what really happened to it. Since I wasn’t enjoying the beginning, I didn’t suffer too much.

    As for coffee – lots of coffee, yes, hopped up, not so much. 🙂

  3. I am always running around looking for my latest read. My six year old son always says “again??”. After looking in what I think is all the obvious places and it is not there – I usually find it – right where I left it – and then I remember!

  4. Funny you should post this today – I spent 3 hours last night searching for my nookster, couldn’t find it in the house or my car, we searched here there and everywhere. I come to work this morning and it is on my desk under a stack of papers that I was cleaning yesterday, doh.

    1. Oh wow… that would make me nervous! Tonight I lost my IPOD which I took with me to an event to night in case my audio in my car ended…. finally found it in the zipper part of my purse…. of course in my head, I was sure someone broke into my car and stole it….

      (I have such a lively imagination!)

  5. A few days ago I couldn’t find a book I got for review. I looked and looked…everywhere. I had just seen it the day before. Since it was nowhere in site, I decided that gremlins had booknapped it. Yesterday I decided to rearrange my “to review” books and there it was, shoved to the back of the shelf.
    I guess I owe the gremlins an apology!

  6. I can’t recall having lost a book before. That would really suck! Although there have been times when I can’t find a certain book I own among my morass of other books! It always turns up though after I look for a second or third time.

  7. I have found more books than I’ve lost. I leave my name and number if possibel to reunite the book with their owner. I have left a few books on a plane. Glad you listened for the NOISE and found the book!

  8. I lose books in my own house all the time, but have never lost one for good. It usually turns up in a stack somewhere. There’s no easier way to lose a book than in a stack of other books!

  9. I’ve definitely misplaced a book before, but (thankfully!) I’ve never lost one. I tend to always keep by book/Nook in my purse or on my bed if it’s not actually in my hands. However, if I’m walking around the house and set it down, a moment of panic sets in when I go to reach for it in my usual spots and it isn’t there.

  10. This is where it pays to read only one book at a time…
    Although I have great admiration and envy for those of you who can multiread!!!
    Mostly my books are on my Kindle…and I always know where that is…

  11. Lol. You are definitely not alone in your insanity. Because I grab my book with me all the time I’ll often set it down somewhere and then when I sit down I just grab another one I’m reading. And then of course I have no idea where I’ve left the other one. The strangest place so far was the linen closet.

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