Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy

Gloria Powell has wanted a child since she first said “I do” to the love of her life Andrew.  But ten years had passed and still no children.  When the Powell’s decide to adopt they pay the hefty fees as well as the travel expenses to go to China.  After much hoop jumping, they leave with a beautiful young girl who Gloria feels God told her was “her daughter” since she laid eyes on her.  They decide to call her Joy.  It seems so appropriate.

Then seven years later, a woman names Kai appears in the Powell’s life stating she is  Lily’s (joy’s birth name)  biological sister and comes to share medical records of their mother’s death, a disease it seems that Joy may have inherited as well. Gloria is already struggling in her relationship with the now teenage and rebellious Joy…. what will the entrance of a blood relative due to this relationship, let alone the chance of this disease being in Joy…

Will Kai be an answer to prayer?  Or will this blip now in the family dynamics cost Gloria more than she can possibly handle?


Having been to Honduras 8 times (my ninth coming up in just a few weeks here) I was drawn to this book by the topic of adoption.  When you travel to some of these countries and you see these darling children with nothing, you want to scoop them up and take them home…. 

Such as within this story of Gloria, wanting desperately to have a child of her own… and along comes Joy. 

I am not sure what I expected when I picked this book up to read… I know the ending result was so much more.

I am impressed by Patti Lacy’s ability to write a captivating, interesting story, that is not always light on the topics.  For a Christian fiction read I applaud Lacy’s ability to write strong, three-dimensional, flawed characters.  As I read on about what a tough teen Joy was… under my breath I was saying “yes!”  And even better?  Joy is not the only flawed character of the story…. nor does it seem that any topic is off limits – including Christianity itself.

Kai, was a pleasant addition to the read… you have to wonder her motive for entering into the Powell’s life… is she an answered prayer?  Or is she there to  try to pull Joy/Lily back to her roots… or is it a combo of both?

I was kept guessing until the very end … in fact – quite literally the very end… as even the last page reveals a surprise.

Reclaiming Lily is a wonderful read that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys reading about loss, healing, and the pursuit of hope against all odds.

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4 thoughts on “Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy

  1. Praise God for women like you who venture out of our fifty nifty to help God’s little ones. You might connect with my third book, The Rhythm of Secrets, which takes the readers to Thai brothels. Also my first novel, which is based on the true story of my best friend, whose mom gave her away. We traveled to the mystical cliffs of County Clare, Ireland, to find out why the little eejit had to go. Oh, the name? “An Irishwoman’s Tale.”

    Who says women don’t connect with multicultural inspirational?????

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