Morning Meanderings… I Think I Wear Crazy Well

Good morning!!!

I feel like I have been energized…. no idea why, but here I am popping up with a plan this morning that is tight but doable….

Yesterday went something like this…

6:30 am – up get ready, write a morning post, go to work

8:00 am – work… an assortment of duties, a meting, an insurance call about my accident this summer, several IHN calls for serving the homeless this week, another family of five entering the program bringing us up to 15 people…

noon:  Still at work but multi tasking, planning more food for the IHN meal so it does not stress out my family doing the cooking, actually thawing the bbq while I am at work. 

3:00 Pm – leave work and hurry over to where we are serving to set up five beds.

4:00 pm – run home to cook the BBQ beef and get buns out of freezer to go with this.

4:30 back to where we are serving, drop off food, grab van – go pick up guests

4:45 back at serving area with all guests, do orientation with new family, help my cooking crew with their meal set up and serving.

5:30 Activity people come in and while families are still eating I tour them through the program, introduce them, and help with kitchen clean up

6:20 take one of the teens serving to Band practice and then drive home

6:40 start making dinner for Al and I

7:00 pm we go downstairs to watch the recording we have of Amazing Race

8:20 pm – Al goes to bed… I start reading the book I need to have done for the magazine article.

11:30 – Done with book… jot down a few thoughts so I can write the review in the morning… off to bed.

This morning, review is written, I am getting for work, I work until 3:00, I am with the IHN program after work until probably 7:30 tonight after I do orientation with my overnighters tonight.  Tomorrow, I am one of the overnighters.

Yes – crazy… but somehow it is juggling well and the light at the end of the tunnel is Friday afternoon I am done serving, my volunteers from that point on are repeat servers so really know what to do and I have the weekend to catch up on other life things… like Pride and Prejudice due to be read by Tuesday for book club.  😯

Have an awesome day!!!

24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I Think I Wear Crazy Well

  1. Wow, the energizer bunny is an apt description for you! I’m tired just reading your schedule…LOL

    Hey, did you read the book or see the movie called “I Don’t Know How She Does It”?

  2. Like LaurelRainSnow, I can really visualize you as the Energizer Bunny. Perfect description of you. Not knowing you were so busy, I had figured you were out biking or rollerblading yesterday since I noticed Minn. was having sun and warm temps. Today the sun is out here and people are emerging from their houses blinking, squinting, and looking up in wonder.

  3. You must be a true morning person. I’m not firing on all cylinders until 10am even though my body is awake at 6am. I can write reviews at midnight though, when most folks are asleep.

    1. I do like mornings Leslie… I feel like I can accomplish so much, and like it when I do 😀

      As long as I am not tired I can write reviews.. I dont bother if my heads not alert… they just are not very good that way. 😛

  4. I have a crazy schedule too and I thought it would have let up after my kids were gone….NOT! I think I’m busier now than I was when they were home and I was running around doing a million things with them. Well that will just keep us young right? I don’t think I could have ever read Pride and Prejudice in that short amount of time!

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