Morning Meanderings… Please Welcome Me To The New Century

Good morning!

BIG ol’ sip from COFFEE CUP*

Banned Books Week is officially over.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of work too.  There were a few of you that signed up mid-week to participate and I just did not have the time to connect with you and add you… lets just say it got a little crazy trying to make sure I had all the links  of everyone participating each day.  😀  (you can still get in on this giveaway by linking and picking up the clues here…. and then filling out the form here.

Today I hop into our serving week for IHN, yes it is that time again where I work with a team to house the homeless for one week and that starts today.  I  am pretty set with volunteers, just need to do some set up, food shopping, and a lot of orientation throughout the week with new volunteers. 

It will be a busy week.  😛

So what is this welcome me to the new century about?  I think I am the last person in my office to get a smart phone.  Up until yesterday I was still on my flip cell phone that had pretty much lost its flipping powers the week before.  It was at the point if I shut it, it would shut off.  It would not hold a charge and as much as I was all gaga over it two years ago when we contracted our cell phones…

I no longer found it cute.

So off I went yesterday to come up with a new plan.  Literally.  I wound up at Sprint as my two sons SWEAR by Sprint and I liked that nothing was limited – no limited data plan, no limited text or phone minutes….

My only fear…

was this too much phone for me?

The salesman assured me it was not. 

After a switch of my accounts to Sprint (awkward by the way – their shop is right next door to Sprint… I walked over, received my account info and walked back to Sprint. )  BUT – better plan, less money, more phone… how could I not?

And seriously –

ain’t she pretty?

I am obviously still very new to the fancy phone world but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I text by talking…. of course picking up my emails and having internet access is pretty sweet too…

I have yet to figure out the camera (I can take a pic but where doe s it go?)

How to link Twitter and Facebook…

And although my hubby called me and I could not figure out how to answer…. eventually I got there.  😳  This is by no fault of the salesman who was awesome and told me how to do all of this stuff… I just hit information overload…. got home and went… huh?  😛

Ok – got to run but will be back later with a review …. and a winner…. (or two)

35 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Please Welcome Me To The New Century

  1. Congratulations! Your new tech will change your life. No exaggeration. It’s a wonderful thing to check email, tweet, Facebook, and access the interwebs from your phone. I have to laugh, after my hubby and I spent hours setting up my phone, I turned to him and said, “but how do I call someone??”. Enjoy! (I must warn you, exercise good smartphone manners…there is nothing worse than having lunch with someone that checks her emails)

    1. Alison, I think I already am hooked… I sat in the church parking lot after church today playing with it for about 30 minutes before I drove home… hee hee 😛

      Thank you for the manners lesson too – excellent point! 😀

  2. Too funny! I have been using fancy phones/blackberry for years. I know my way around! So when I switched over to my current DROIDX, I could easily figure out how to do the fancy stuff…pics, video, emails, web stuff. But I too had the hardest time figuring out how to answer the darned thing! Perhaps it was all the pressure of the ringing and hurrying to not miss the call, but it took me about a month to get used to it and I hung up on my fair share of family and friends!

    It’ll become natural soon enough. That learning process is what makes the phone yours! Soon the thing will feel like a part of you…like your right hand or a beloved pet. Lol


    1. Shannon I soooooo can see that happening… I did not mess with it a lot yesterday as when I came home I did not feel well and took a nap = and well, that ate up my afternoon…. but today…
      is a new day. 😀

  3. I hope you enjoy using your new phone! My favorite feature of smartphones is being able to use the Internet and check e-mail on the go. I have an iPhone (3G) and I love it. I even read books on it before I got my Kindle. I am thinking of upgrading since I’ve had mine since 2009 but I may hold out another year. My protective case is really cute and it won’t fit the newer models 🙂 I know with the newer phones you can use Skype to do face to face calls which is really nice…

    Have fun learning all the features. So, does your new phone have a name yet? 😉

      1. It does need a name! Thank you Christina…. LOL…. I was thinking about that yesterday, I usually like to play off their real names and this one is called an Epic Touch….. I will have to think about this some more…. 😛

  4. Congratulations Sheila! Which Samsung phone is that? I just got a new phone myself this week, I got the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I’m LOVING it! I’ve had smartphones before but this is my first Android, even had the iPhone 4 not long ago but I really love the Android system 🙂 You will enjoy it once you work all the features out.

    The pics that you’ve taken should be in “Gallery” which should be in the Applications folder, you might have to scroll a bit to find it.

    1. I got the new Epic Touch. It is 4G but at this time Minnesota, other than the Cities, is 4G free so that doesn’t mean a whole lot to me 😀

      Thanks about the pic advice – sure enough…there they are… and so are all my pics from on line too! 😀

  5. I got my version of the updated phone last year, and I’m still trying to figure it out. And yes, it took me a minute to figure out how to answer it!

    My granddaughter showed me where to store my photos and how to access them, and also how to do some of the texting stuff.

    Mine is not an iPhone, but it’s a Samsung Touch, or something like that. I don’t remember exactly, but it was different enough from my flip phone to give me some angst. I still don’t love it.

    I prefer typing on regular-sized keyboards to access the Internet.


    1. Laurel, I remember last year at BEA I was struggling to get good author pics with my camera… while people around me were using their phones and getting better and clearer pics…. CANT WAIT!!! 😛

      The texting is harder, so I am liking that I can do the voice texting….. so far though… I am already feeling the love 😀

  6. lol! I recently bought a few phone and although I could easily access the internet, download apps, check my e-mail, I was so lost when I received a call. I absolutely could not figure out how to answer it!

  7. I get so confused whenever I change anything on my old-fashioned desktop computer, I’d never in a million years figure out even a simple cell phone, let alone what you people all have. Well, I have an excuse: I’m 71. I come from ye ancient world of manual typewriters and dial phones and party lines. I’m much too creaky to try these newfangled things.

    1. Barbara I am getting better with technology as I go…. mainly – I am stubborn and blogging has actually taught me a lot as there are things I want to do, or a look I want to achieve and by golly – I will mess around and ask people until I understand how to do it. 😀

    1. Thanks Kathy – so far it is still so new but I can see where it will become my BFF in no time…LOL

      So far I have had pretty good luck with the voice texting. I am surprised how accurate it is and wow – what a time saver! There are a few things I do not understand but I work around enough tech savy people who all have phones like this that I am sure they will have me up and running full speed ahead in no time. 😀

  8. I just recently switched from a flip phone to a slide phone and LOVE it! I don’t want or need a SmartPhone, to much for me as I don’t text and wouldn’t use my phone for Twitter or Facebook. I didn’t even subscribe to the internet, but the more I think about it the more I’m thinking I’m going to. We have GPS’s in our vehicles, but sometimes we decide to go somewhere we didn’t plan and need an address. That’s when the internet would come in handy.

    I’m glad you like your phone, it won’t take long before you’ll be using it like a pro!

    1. Vicki, Reagan from Miss Remmers Reviews navigated us through New York while we walked, merely from using her phones GPS. I was soooo impressed. 😀

      I did not think I would ever need one either but already I have used it a lot in the last 24 hours and find I like that access to my favorite internet haunts in my purse 😀

  9. I still have one of those old flip phones, mostly because the service agreement is so cheap. If they ever lower the price so that I don’t have to pay a huge extra fee each month for data streaming, etc. I might consider it. At this point though I only text once or twice a month so I don’t even have a service package that includes a certain number of texts per month. I just pay per text because it’s so much cheaper. It’s funny because I’m up on technology in other ways (like the computer) but am just too cheap to commit to a smart phone service pack. I would love the GPS stuff the most though.

    1. Alyce – at Sprint I found that for the whole package, with insurance, I will pay $87.00 a month. No limits on talking, texting, or internet use. That’s about $12 more than I was paying for no internet access and no insurance on my phone.

  10. There are probably apps for it for Twitter and Facebook.. Just have to find if you have to get it in an app store, or from the app maker. And pictures should probably be in something like a gallery or media files, if its like my cell phone.

  11. I still have a flip phone that is just a phone. I’d love to upgrade but my plan is through a family plan and I can’t justify the expense just because I want it. It will be like the kindle, I need to think on it and stew over it for awhile before I make the leap. Glad you are enjoying it!

  12. Welcome to the future! LOL! My family and I all got on the iPhone bandwagon this summer, and I’m not sure how I lived without it. Ironically, I make almost no calls on it. Actually speaking to other humans? That’s not what phones are for, is it? 😉

  13. I am now the last person not to have a smart phone so thanks for that! I have a pay as you go phone b/c i don’t want the hassle or the bills. Plus I don’t use the phone that often. But I am sure someday I’ll get sucked in 🙂

  14. Congratulations, Sheila! I’ve had a smart phone for a few months now and I love it! One app that I use a lot is “My Tracks” – which I wanted to suggest to you as you are an active person: press “record” when you leave the house, and it will keep track of where you cycle/skate/walk (with a map) and tell you how many miles you did and how long you moved/stood still. I find it very handy.

    Have fun with your phone!

  15. Sheila, my phone is three 1/2 years old and does nothing exceptional. I have said I am going to get the new iphone. I found someone’s phone recently and could not figure out how to call myself to get their number to call them and say I had their phone. Having just returned from France, I wish I had a smart phone so that I could have texted my husband while I was gone. One day I was in the countryside with no access to any communication and a smart phone would have been appreciated. Enjoy.

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