Morning Meanderings… I Went To Bed With Patrick Ness Last Night

Oh!  Good morning!  😛

Sorry about that post title… I couldn’t resist….

hee hee

Oh and if you are a newbie to Book Journey and popped over because of the post title… welcome.  Coffee is on, help yourself.  😀

I am hoping most of you are familiar with Patrick Ness, author of the Chaos Walking series.  These books have pulled me fully into them.  When I read The Knife Of Never Letting Go, I could hardly put the book down.  Now I am making my way through The Ask and The Asking and finding it just as brilliant.  I can’t even put into words what this author has created within these pages… 

so to get to the point of the post title… at 7:00 pm last night (hey I know it was early… I am not proud! :razz:) I decided to go lay down and read since hubby and the new upstairs tv was bugging me (tv, not hubby) and I did not want to go downstairs.  Once in bed and covered with a warm blanky (yes Minnesota has turned cold on me), apparently I was a little too comfortable and by 7:30 I was asleep, book open and tucked under my hand. 

This all explains why at 5:00 am this morning I was wide awake, up and chatting on Twitter with COFFEE CUP, trying to pretend I was a sane person. 😀

As for today’s Saturday Snapshot *waves to the amazing Alyce from At Home With Books* you would think with all I have been up to lately I would have lots of pictures to choose from (Tailgate party on 9/11 for Fallen Firemen, two birthday parties, the North shore a few weeks back) but sadly… I do not.  However, I did go out to dinner with three of my friends this past week and our food looked so delicious I could not resist…. (kudos by the way to friends who understand when I whip my camera out to take pics of odd things like ummm… what we are about to eat.)

Sliced avocado and grilled chicken sandwich w/ sweet potato fries
Grilled Salmon covered in Rum Sauce (SO GOOD!) w/ a sweet potato and brown sugar
Roasted chicken salad
BBQ Bacon cheeseburger

Ok if you think this food is making your mouth water… wait until I post my book club review later today with the food we served.  😛

Stop over to At Home With Books to add your own Saturday Snapshots to the group.  It is a lot of fun!

Finally before I go get ready to start my day I need to announce my final BBAW winner for yesterdays giveaway of The Night Circus!  Using for yesterdays post comments our winner is:

Jeanne at Necromancy Never Pays

Jeanne, email me your address and I will have this shipped to you right away! 

46 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I Went To Bed With Patrick Ness Last Night

  1. I thinkI need to start taking some food pictures too! Looks like a good meal. The other night I went to bed earlier than usual, not 7 but 10:30 and by 10:40 I was turning out the light. Most nights I am lucky to be turning them off by midnight! I even went to bed to get some reading time in.

  2. Great post title 😉

    I will have to try this series soon. I noticed that The Knife of Never Letting Go is on sale for Kindle this month. I may just have to buy it!

    I recently read The Postmistress so I am looking forward to see what your book club thought of it. My book group is reading Girl in Translation this month so I am trying to come up with some easy Chinese food to serve. Right now I’m just thinking of buying frozen egg rolls and fortune cookies. One of my coworkers has some authentic Chinese food that her daughter (who lives in China) gave her. There are packages of chicken feet (a popular delicacy there) and some other things we couldn’t identify but I don’t think my book group would be that adventurous…

    Thanks for sharing the food pictures-it is time for lunch!

    1. I heard it is $2.99 on Kindle! I read The Postmistress last fall and was not overly impressed…. however, wait until you see my review with the Bookies! 😀

      Fortune cookies would be awesome for Girl in Translation – you know you can make your own and put your own sayings in them….. :D, the chickens feet would be hilarious and definitely a review to remember.

  3. Oh my goodness, that chicken sandwich with the avocado looks phenomenal.

    I still need to bite the bullet and read The Ask and the Answer. Once I finished The Knife of Never Letting Go, I just kind of forgot about the series.

  4. I can totally relate to sleeping with an open book in my hand, although for me it usually happens around 9pm.

    I like your food pics.I’m always doing that too. By now people have stopped rolling their eyes… for the most part.

  5. Mmmm! That food looks yummy, but the Sliced avocado and grilled chicken sandwich w/ sweet potato fries is calling my name!

    I never heard of this series before so I checked them out on Amazon. Can’t imagine living in a world like that! Maybe some day I’ll get to read them… Why oh why are there so many books?

  6. That looks appetizing and I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet!

    I almost always forget to take photos of food before diving in. Which is why my deli NY sandwich photo is of one that is half eaten.

  7. I have yet to read anything by Patrick Ness but I want to. Oh my the food in the photos looks so good! You’re making me huuungry!

    Congratulations Jeanne on winning The Night Circus. It was reviewed on the Today Show this morning ~ rave reviews, lots of gushing! Enjoy!

  8. Sheila, some of that food really looks yummy, but I can’t believe someone thin like you would eat much of that…LOL

    BTW..I can relate to your 7:00 sleep fest. Today at 3:45 pm I went with my book and comforter (chilly here too) to a quiet room (hub and sports not good for reading concentration). I read 5 pages and fell asleep for 2 hours…LOL

  9. Love everything about this post, most especially the end! My delay in commenting is due only to the fact that I was out of town with no internet access. Emailing you my address now; I’m excited to read this book, as I just read a good review of it while catching up on other blogs!

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