Morning Meanderings… Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

Good morning!  😀

No!  Dont run away!  It’s me!  😛

I have been itching to do some revamping of the site for a while now.  It was tradition to do blog updates and face lifts during the Bloggiesta but with no Bloggiesta this year – I had to suck it up and make the changes on my own. 

Working with CSS always makes me a bit nervous, but the very first time I messed with it, Natasha from Maw Books walked me through it step by step on Twitter.  Now I am a bit braver, and this time even learned how to add a textured pattern to the background.  (Note it did take me about three hours of messing around and tweaking but alas… I am happy with the results.)

Dont worry I am not one to continuously change my blog look… when other book bloggers do that often I get confused and unsure if I am on their blog, usually scrolling to the top to make sure whose blog I am on!  😛  Although… the occasional coat of paint gives a whole new look don’t you think?

My next task is to put some time into the sidebars… the books on them are outdated and I have had a few ideas I have wanted to implement for a while now but just have not done it. 

And of course, today is 9-11.  Ten years…. hard to believe isn’t it?  Ten years ago I was working at Wal-Mart when I heard about the first plane… I remember wondering if I should go to the school and pick up my kids… it was a time where you really felt you should be with your family.  I did stay at work, as we were encouraged to do so… but do you recall how quiet the skies were when they stopped all flights?  ANd I recall how odd it was to hear that first plane in the air days after the tragedy.

Where were you ten years ago when you first heard?

48 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

  1. Were you talking about me when you mentioned bloggers who are always changing things? LOL

    I like your new look…but there’s still enough of the “familiar” to identify it as yours.

    Ten years ago I was having a relaxing morning visiting with my son. He’d been working out in the yard and we were enjoying what he had created (a beer garden!).

    Then I went to the post office to get the mail (it was about fifteen minutes before noon here), and I heard the radio. Until then, we hadn’t had the radio or TV on.

    I was planning to visit a friend in the northern part of the state…and decided to go anyway. I took my son as far as his dad’s in Sacramento.

    The whole week was seeing the planes over and over again on TV. A bit much, I thought….

    1. Life went on here as well too Laurel. That evening was to be our second meeting ever for our book club. As we were new, I did not know if we would have new people show or not. I told my hubby I was going to go to the restaurant we were suppose to meet as just in case someone came… sure enough, the other three girls came. We all felt the same, what could we do from our homes?

      We shared our thoughts about the day, heavy hearted over all the loss and eventually… reviewed our book two.

  2. The new look is nice. Change can be good 🙂

    Sheila, other than the horror shown on television, the quiet sky is one of my main memories of that day – I live in the middle of the country so it was quite noticeable. I was at home, the kids in high school and college, my husband was traveling for work (by car). He called after the first plane and I saw the second plane on tv as I talked to him.

    I’ll never forget.

  3. Great new look for your blog! I love the color 🙂

    It is hard to believe 10 years have passed since that horrible day. I had just graduated from college a few months before and that day was my first real job interview. It took four hours to get there and I left before the attacks had happened. I was so nervous about the interview that I listened to Enya cassettes instead of the radio so I had no idea what happened till I got to my interview. I couldn’t believe it when the interviewers were talking about it. I listened to the radio and heard the details on the way home and then watched the TV footage. There were also worries that there would be an attack on the Wright Patterson Air Force base (I lived in southern Ohio at the time). That is what I remember about that day.

  4. The changes look good. It still has the look of Sheila so I knew I was in the right place!

    I remember that day so vividly. I do remember how quiet the skies and the roads were that night. In the middle of the night we heard fighter jets flying overhead and were concerned but later found out they were just moving them around to different cities for protection. I did not sleep at all that night. Life changed for us all that day.

  5. Looks good. I agree, change is good and even inspiring at time (energizing). I had a webmaster/designer review my blog last year just before I made changes…. he was brutally honest and I made so many changes, simplifying my blog.

    Have fun!!

  6. Like the new look!!

    I was asleep because I worked from 3pm till midnight and didn’t go to sleep until 4-5 am. The secretary from our church called a little after the first plane crashed to see if we had heard. I turned on the tv and my husband and I couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Later I called work to see if they were closing (I worked for a government contracted business and was worried they might have targeted us too). They didn’t close, but they had the PA system on the news all night so we could follow what was going on.

  7. Very pretty!

    I was picking up after the kids went to school. My friend called me to tell me a plane crashed into the World Trade Center, to turn on my TV. My husband was mowing the lawn, it was not too long that I went out to get him and we watched the TV in shock as events unfolded.

  8. Looks great, you’ll have to give me a few pointers. I know what I want mine to look like just no clue how to get it there.

    I remember being on College Drive on my way to work when I heard the first plane hit. I thought what a tragic pilot error or plane malfunction that was. When I heard that the second one had hit I was terrified, knowing that it was not just a “terrible accident” anymore. I remember wondering if bombs were going to start dropping from the sky and life as we know it would never be the same. Much uncertainty in those first hours and days!

    1. Thanks Angie – are you on a laptop? If so, bring it on Tuesday and if you have some time after Bookies (or before) we can look at it. 😀

      I must have been early that day if you were still driving to work Angie… I remember I was walking by electronics when I heard about the first plane…thinking about that now I may have been on my way back to the time clock to clock in….

  9. I think you’re talking about me!! I have blogger ADD sometimes. I try to stay with a theme but I do love to change my header out with my dogs or pictures from my neck of the woods!! Love the updated look 😀

  10. I was working in telemarketing at the time, MCI actually. We would call small buisnesses and try to get them to switch (I was very good at it by the way). We started to have some of our customers tell us they had to go because something was happening on the news. Within 10 minutes we all knew what happened and we were sent home to keep phone lines open.

    I remember going home and staring at the tv for what seemed like forever. Eventually the horror of it all forced me back outside and for a little over an hour I escaped from reality by going to the movies. I saw Moulin Rouge and though I liked it, the events of the day would not let me enjoy it fully.

    When I got back home I stared at the TV the rest of the day in shock. I would find myself crying at times and stressing out that I knew two people who worked in the 2nd tower and I didn’t know if they were okay or not. By the end of the night I was told through a mutual friend that they were okay, she heard it from one of their parents. They were both injured, but nothing serious. I will always be thankful for that.

    On a lighter note, I really like your new background and color scheme.

  11. I remember thinking how amazing it was that there were no commercial planes in the air anywhere in the country. It hadn’t been that way for decades.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I like your new background!

  12. Love the new look, love the colors. 🙂 Doesn’t confuse me at’all. I love changing the look of my blog. *innocent smile* Great job, Shelia!

    Where was I? If I remember correctly I was just getting breakfast, so, not paying attention to the television. Then the phone rang and Mom said to go put the news on.

  13. I love your new site design. It looks really good!

    As for 9/11, I didn’t write a post for either blog. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I just didn’t really have time. And, I have seen so many others out there. It’d just be a drop in the sea – easily overlooked. I remember that day very well, and likely will until the day I die.

  14. On 9/11 I was upstairs in my home office and Dave was out in his machine shop. A friend called to tell me to turn on the TV and by the time I got downstairs to do that, Dave was running in from the shop because he heard it on the radio. We were watching when the plane hit the second tower. Afterward, sobered by what had just happened, we realized how quiet it was. We live 25-30 miles from the Binghamton, NY airport and the approach to land is frequently right over our house. What a mournful, spooky day and week after. I couldn’t watch the 10th anniv. coverage. Too sad.

  15. I am always messing around with my blog look … sorry for the confusion and disorientation. I just love tweaking it and I get bored easily. I always think “Now I have the look I want and then 6 months later, I get the itch again.” I like that you kept some of the basic elements but tweaked them. It isn’t as disorienting then.

    1. I think I always recognize yours too Jenners…what gets me is most times I am multi tasking, blogging and watching a movie, or on twitter… and then I forget what I was doing and stare blanky at the open blog before me… wondering whos it is…LOL….

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