Morning Meanderings… Crawling To The Laptop

Good morning.  This morning, Coffee Cup  and I are basking in a little morning “lounge time”.  I did not realize what a crazy pace I was keeping this week until last night when after coming home from my friends camp fire, I promptly fell asleep in the recliner while reading blogs. 

I have had a busy week at work and a big event this Sunday that I have been working on – a 9-11 Tailgate Event and donation for Fallen Minnesota Firemen.  There is a lot of detail work that I am trying to make sure I have taken care of…

we have ordered a large inflatable slide and bounce house for kids, a cotton candy machine, I have food coming from Famous Dave’s and about 40 tailgate vehicles…  today I need to go and meet with the guy who is bringing the road closure signs, and do a little last-minute preparation. 

Anyway, doing this on top of my other duties, Wednesday meeting, and last nights hang out in Motley MN has suddenly wiped me out.  😛

I may just remain in the recliner for a little while longer this morning….  😀

I hope going into your weekend is amazing….. I have a little bit of commitment each day but for the most part… I think I will be home working on a few projects and prepping for next Tuesdays book club meeting here over the book The Postmistress.


Oh… and completely random as that is the way I roll… found this Harry Potter clip…. yeah, still can’t let go.


12 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Crawling To The Laptop

  1. Patty

    I can’t believe that you have not picked up a copy of The Emerald Atlas yet…

    You will love it and it might help with your Harry loss…just for a teeny bit…lol…

  2. I’m looking forward to this weekend SO. VERY. MUCH! The temps are going to be in the 80s (boo, but it makes my husband happy because he wants to safely fire his kiln, so OK), but mostly I’m excited because this is the first time in 3 weeks my husband will have 2 consecutive days off! 😀

    1. Oh nice Hannah! I hope you two have some time to do something fun then! 😀 My hubbys birthday is the 14th so I am planning activities with him for next weekend… going out and maybe a concert I am looking in to 😉

  3. I think I must be really tired this morning – that clip made me tear up. 🙂 I’m hosting a birthday party for my son on Sunday and I have no clue how many kids are coming. His school has a rule that if you invite anyone you have to invite the whole class. It could be interesting.

    1. That is an interesting school rule Alyce! WOW. The whole Harry Potter thing makes me emotional. Its hard to explain how the books touched my kids lives, and in turn -touched mine. I think I wound up being a bigger fan than either of my boys just because I was so touched by the readers that were born out of the series. 🙂

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