Morning Meanderings… I think I am losing Laptop

Good morning.  Final day at camp.  Today we finish up around 11:30 am this morning, I will say good-bye to all the people I met as the bus comes to pick them up.  What a week.  (i plan to write a full post on the week on Saturday morning with a few pics).

As many of you know Laptop has been “going out” not for about 9 months.  It started last winter, he would not turn on and I thought, “It’s over,” but then two days later – he worked again….  and this went on like this for several months… the occasional “death” and then – recovery.

Now however I fear the end is drawing near… a couple of nights ago at camp Laptop came up with the black screen of death.  Oh he was on – but there was no screen…. and then – he would just shut off.  He worked good yesterday – and then last night….

same thing.

Now – he does not recognize Firefox so I am blogging in Explorer (pooey!) which I have not used in years.  Sadly, I may need to stop by Best Buy today to see what they have available.  It has been 4 years with Laptop (my first laptop!) and they have been good ones.  I hate to move on from what is comfortable, but it looks like it may be time…. 


Anyway – I need to get off to breakfast…. Oh who am I kidding…. I need COFFEE.  😛

Once I get home today I have laundry to catch up on , maybe part of the lawn… but nothing too extreme.  Should be a nice quiet weekend for a change with no (NADA) commitments!  😀

I will leave you now with this…

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  1. Sorry to hear about Laptop! But what a beautiful sunrise to start the day! But wait: YOU, with NO commitments? Has someone else abducted Sheila and TAKEN OVER THIS BLOG?!!!

    • Oh ha ha – very funny Jill! 😛

      I have no idea what I will do with myself…. LOL

      Laptop is hanging in there… I am home now and had to download Firefox again but I am running fine for the moment…. 😀

  2. Who are you and what have you done with Sheila? No commitments this weekend? Wow!

    The picture is so beautiful. Wish I were there. Poor laptop. Maybe it’s like a cat: 9 lives. My almost 10 years old desktop computer is getting slow and tired, but I can relate. I just hope it lasts for a little longer until I can afford a new one.

    • LOl – It’s me Barbara! 😛

      You are all sooooooo funnt!! 😛

      This Laptop does have 9 lives… now I am working fine again…. but still think I need to start looking for a new one. 😦

  3. I hate to say it, but my desktop has played some shenanigans on me, lately, too.

    I’m just about ready to buy a laptop. At least they’re easier to take in for service. Desktop requires someone to come out, and that’s more expensive.

    Good luck! And next time, perhaps a name for Laptop (other than laptop!) LOL.

    Like you did with your Nook.

  4. Awww, poor laptop. Reinstalling FF may help. The shutting off on his own is a more serious problem… could be heat related. Four years is very good for a laptop… he had a nice life! Happy shopping for a new one. 🙂

    Beautiful sunrise btw. I usually only see the sunsets as I’m soooo not a morning person.

    • He has had a nice life Leslie – I cant complain….three trips to Honduras, 2 trips to Florida, a trip to Chicago, the cabin… dropped on his head…. yeah…. he has had a nice run. 😀

  5. Sorry about laptop. What a beautiful scene~ Thanx.

  6. Is that a sunset or a sunrise? I’m guessing sunset. Either way it is gorgeous!
    Have a good weekend.

  7. I am sorry that the end is near for Laptop 😦

  8. It is hard to give up on the comfortable and break in a new one. But new one would become a friend soon I am sure. 🙂

  9. Gorgeous photo! I can’t wait to hear all about camp. I’m sorry to hear about your laptop though. I’ve become quite attached to mine (even if it did take me about a year to get used to it).

  10. Sorry to hear about laptop but i think he has had a good life considering how hard you treat him. Stunning sunset!

  11. Our laptop is just about gone too, and I can’t figure out what to get to replace it.

  12. I know how much you love Laptop so I’m sad to hear this news.
    Love the photo!

  13. Poor little Laptop! I just got a new one after 4 years… it was sad, but the new one is surprisingly awesome. Knock on wood lol. Beautiful sunrise pic!

  14. I agree, it could be an over heating issue, can always double check how the fans are working (and that they are clean) so it survives the hunt for a new one. Benefit to desktops- they are so much easier to service than laptops. But I understand, just last year I replaced my dinotop (turned 10 this year), since I do some traveling for work. Other than the wonky keyboard and the wireless card frying the security part of it, it worked fine, so I loathed to replace it without need (my desktop is my primary). Have fun shopping for a new one. I love my Sony, still after a year. And the custom ones get made in San Diego, so win-win.

  15. Hey there! Coffee is always a good idea. Fellow coffee addict here!
    You liked the title Epic Fail. A book that was due to be reviewed this week on my blog.
    I promised to drop you the link…and here it is:
    _yay_ @ Book that Thing!

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