The Help by Kathryn Stockett (audio review)


The Help


In the early 1960’s, Jackson Mississippi was a community of white women who ran charity events, and ran their help.  The “help” were their African-American maids  who cooked and cleaned and raised the white children so the white women of Jackson could play bridge, have coat drives, and complain about their heavy word load.

Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, a young woman fresh out of college comes home to Jackson to live with her mom who is sick and her father.  Skeeter attends the bridge meetings and hangs with what is considered Jackson’s elite, especially Hilly, leader of the pack – and the coalition for every home in Jackson to have a separate bathroom installed for “the help” as after all as Hilly would say, “they carry different diseases than us, and we must protect our children!”

Skeeter, is appalled by the way the black women are treated and decided to write a book giving the maids (Help’s) perspective on how they feel they are treated, from raising the kids (who will later become their boss), to wages, and what they think is unfair. 

Needless to say – none of the black women jump at the chance to speak first.

Enter the wonderful Abilene, she cooks, she cleans, she has raised many a white child… and finally she has something to say.  As Skeeter and Abilene have secret meetings at Abilene’s home were Abiline talks ad Skeeter writes, eventually the feisty and hilarious Minnie joins in with her stories.

The result is an incredible story about faith, trust, and blowing up a small town.  😛

Skeeter.... making a few changes....


I am believing that if you have not read the book or seen the movie – you at least have heard about the phenomenon that is “The Help”.   Currently at the movie theaters (I have seen it twice!) I would suggest you run – don’t walk, to get your ticket!

I read this book in late 2009 and wanted the refresher of the audio with the movie coming out.   I had heard some buzzing about the fact that the movie was different from the book and from my foggy recollection I was thinking of very few differences but of course, this recent listen of the audio has now refreshed my memory…. HOWEVER – both…. are awesome… yes there are some differences, but I still feel it held true to the main story.  

If you enjoy good audio – you must listen to The Help… (yes, Laurel…. maybe even you 😉  ).  The narrators are fantastic!  The woman who reads the part of Minnie… also plays her in the movie!  Seriously great stuff!  I can not rave this one up enough!

The Help is so good that I do not care how you get it in (book, audio, movie) – but you must!!! 

The 2011 WHERE Are You Reading map has been updated to include The Help

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20 thoughts on “The Help by Kathryn Stockett (audio review)

  1. Ha-Ha! Yes, you do know that I’m resistant to audio books…but for this one, I might want to go there. Especially since I think it would be fabulous to hear the dialect.

    And since I’ve already read the book and seen the movie, it might just add a little something extra.

    Glad you enjoyed all versions!

  2. Eeeek! I’m dying to see the movie (read the book), but this is an insanely busy week (last one before school starts). Another member of my book group is trying to coordinate an outing – I hope I can make it! Your review makes me want to see it even more.


  3. I am so glad that the audio is just as amazing as the book because I suggested that my friend listen to this one. I just finished the book a couple of weeks ago, but now I want to listen to it too! The movie won’t be in our theater for another week or so yet!

  4. I will have to get this next month from Audible. I am picky when it comes to audiobooks but I will give this one a try! I own the book and thought it was fantastic. I liked the movie too though the book is better 🙂

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