Curse Of The Blue Tattoo by L.A. Meyer

The sequel to Bloody Jack, Jacky Faber has now been removed from the Dolphin, her “ships boy” role stripped from her now that they know she is a girl…. and she has been placed instead into The Lawson Peabody School for Fine Young Girls. 


The Jacky Faber?  Tom boy, loud, adventurous, pirate fighting, occasionally obnoxious, Jacky…. in a school for fine young ladies?

It is soon discovered that the high seas fighting for rations was a piece of cake compared to the stuffy girl for schools where you have to master “the look” ( sucked in cheek bones, lips slightly parted, and eyes lowered), and how to sew and…

well… as you can imagine… Jacky finds her way into mischief by sneaking out of the school playing her music in bars at night and scaring a preacher who does not deserve the title…  she learns to ride a horse not only like a girl, but also like a guy with a leg on each side…. she struggles learning the ways of being a lady, but at the same time finds a way into some of the girls hearts and earns the name, “friend”.

Yet Jacky still missed her first love Jaimy, and feels the draw of the sea….

I think Jack will always be drawn to the sea...

I have made my way through this second audio.  It didn’t take long that Jacky would have troubles in school with some of the snooty rich girls like Clarissa, and yet admired for her high spirit and dedication to anyone who is kind to her, like Amy. 

This is the new cover for the book

I enjoyed the mystery around the reverend and wish that would have been a bit more in the book.  There is a lot of action happening between Jacky’s trips to Amy’s home, and meeting her brother Randall, and making friends, and

dancing, and making money, and getting into trouble…

yeah about that…

by the end of this audio book I was a bit stretched on the amount of trouble that Jacky kept getting in to.  It seemed like she keeps making major mistakes and causing her friendships to strain.  I realize that is part of the thrill of Jacky Faber and the series but in the end… I am going to have to say it was all a bit too much.

Still a delightful listen, incredible narration by Katherine Kellgren who does a lovely job with the rough accent of Jacky, to the polite voices of the girls from school….

Yes I will move on to audio book three as I think Jacky is on her way back to the ship and maybe if I can get her back in the water, I will find what I loved about the first audio again.

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The 2011 WHERE Are You Reading map has been updated to include Curse Of The Blue Tattoo

I borrowed this audio from our local library

14 thoughts on “Curse Of The Blue Tattoo by L.A. Meyer

  1. This one was one of the least favorite in the series. I much prefer her on the seas and trust me, you’ll see lots more water from here on out. 🙂

    1. I was kind of wondering if that might be the case… I have heard so much raving about the series I thought it may be just this one. I felt the same with Harry Potter, the second book is my least favorite of the series. 😀

  2. I like the old covers better. They seem to be trying to vamp it up to look like all the other YA out there. 😦

    1. I get that Michelle…. but have to admit I like the newer cover better. 😳

      I like getting a better feel fro what Jacky looks like… they have guys falling all over her and in the old cover it looks like she is a little curly haired girl…. in the new cover, I can see that she would turn heads wherever she goes – yet she has a tough look about her too… not soft and girly.

  3. I’ve never read any of these. I love the idea of audio but it doesn’t sound too kid friendly. I’ll have to put it on the list for some day! Thanks for the review.

    1. Actually Jill – that is an excellent point to bring up – it really isnt the most kid friendly series. There is some language and some moments that a re a big suggestive…. in a way that’s too bad as it could have ran the course of like a Pippi Longstocking… just a girl who finds here way into trouble….

  4. True, Jacky gets into, um, a LOT of trouble…and sometimes I really want to shake her, especially when it comes to the boys…but half the fun is reading on to see how Jacky will get out of her new scrape!

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